The New Yo-Zuri 3DB Series™ with 3D Prism & Wave Motion vibration

They are so innovative and they have two International Patents.
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ftr-yozuri3db series
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Yo-Zuri 3DB Series


Port St. Lucie - Florida - US


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Jan. 5, 2014 - PRLog -- The new and innovative 3DB hardbaits from Yo-Zuri have two features that bass find totally irresistible. Our internationally patented 3D Internal Prism and the Wave-Motion Ribs spark an instant bite response.

All 3DB Series lures have a patented ribbed surface, which creates distinctive wave-motions and vibrations that, from a long distance, fish can detect with their lateral lines. This second patented feature of the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series of baits is the flash created by the 3D Internal Prism. An injured baitfish will swim erratically, sending out flashes of reflected light from its broadside of scales. The Patented 3DB Series duplicates this nervous behavior, while the 3DB “RED EYE” imitates the eye of injured baitfish on all 3DB styles. Such a remarkable imitation of an injured baitfish makes these lures an immediate target for gamefish to eat.

Natural patterns and colors combined with lifelike body shapes duplicate the forage, which fish seek out. Great attention to detail on gills, fins and scales, creates a strikingly realistic looking baitfish.

All lures have premium components, including Black Nickel split rings and Round Bend Black Nickel VMC Hooks. In addition, a durable Mylar tail hook is found on styles that are appropriate to attract large Bass to your lure.


The new Yo-Zuri 3DB Popper’s mouth design is angled in order to throw water forward, thus creating a school of baitfish appearance. It’s ribbed belly sends out Wave-Motion Vibrations into the surface tension to attract large predators. These features, combined with the flashy 3DB Prism, makes this popper irresistible. Our perfectly balanced popper with a pulsating tail feather has a duel-action technique, both the traditional “Pop & Stop” and “Walk the Dog”. The popper’s round buoyant body sits horizontally for best presentation and positive hook ups.


This top-of-the-line, topwater, “Walk the Dog” lure re-defines the category and should be in your fish catching line-up. The Cadence rattle allows for a steady, perfect sound every time you “Walk-the-Dog” while attractor rattles are built in for fish to hone in on appeal. Our 3DB Internal Prism flash plus the Wave Motion Ribs create incredible drawing power big bass can’t resist.


A topwater lure that commands attention! With its oversized polycarbonate rear prop, internal rattles and oversized “Red Eye” this is the one prop bait you must have on your line. This prop bait sends out the constant splash and Wave-Motion Vibrations of a panicked baitfish that raises a ruckus and attracts Big Bass.


The wobbling-rolling action of the three new Crankbaits: 3DB Square-Lip, Mid-Crank, and Deep Crank hunt fish everywhere in the water column, from shallow to deep. Their large round buoyant bodies and lip designs help you crank & bump over structure and eliminate snags. This is the only Square Lip Crankbait that features 2 International Patens.


The 3DB Minnow is a floating/diving minnow, which is specifically designed for a variety of fishing styles and species. These include stop & go retrieve, topwater “twitching” technique, cast & retrieve or trolling for Trout, Walleye and Bass. The 3DB Jerkbait is a suspending lure with an irresistible action whether in a hovering stall mode or during the jerk and pause mode. From long distances, even in murky water, the unique flashing of the 3DB Prism attracts large Bass.  Even at rest, the Mylar tailhook pulsates to tempt the wiliest pred­­ator.


This lure has been asked for by many fisherman over the past two years, so Yo-Zuri listened and is introducing the new 3DB Shad. A true-to-life suspending Shad lure with the Patented internal 3DB Prism and Wave-Motion Ribs on the belly. These 2 Patents compliment each other in every way and add to the fish catching attributes of the 3DB Shad. Complete with pulsating Mylar tailhook and ability to suspend, this lure will fill your livewell while not breaking the bank, at $10 each.

For over 50 years Yo-Zuri has been recognized as the fishing tackle industry’s leading manufacturer of quality fishing products, for professional fishermen and enthusiasts worldwide. For more information, visit

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