Career Insurance Needed by Thousands - Now Available

A+ Results and Tom Sheppard announce the release of Career Insurance a proven way to get and KEEP the job you want.
Career Insurance can make the difference between losing your job & a promotion
Career Insurance can make the difference between losing your job & a promotion
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jan. 3, 2014 - PRLog -- Career Insurance a "how to" article explaining how you can help provide yourself with a degree of job security which most people don't enjoy in this day of layoffs, mergers, acquistions and downsizing is now available through

Available for years only to private clients of Tom Sheppard and A+ Results, it is now available for the general public for the first time ever.

Do you believe in:
+          The Tooth Fairy?
+          The Easter Bunny?
+          Job Security?

This may come as a shock to some, but none of these exist.  While the truth about the first two may cause feelings of disappointment (and in some cases result in a mystery), the last can turn your whole world upside down.

With down-sizing, re-engineering, mergers, plant closings, and business failures, and the layoffs that accompany these events, no one can guarantee that they will have a job from one month to the next.

Being a good worker and a loyal employee used to be enough to ensure long-term employment.  Not anymore. Companies struggle to survive in today’s highly competitive world.  They cannot afford to keep people on the payroll out of a sense of loyalty.

Question:  Is it possible to protect yourself from layoffs and cutbacks?

Answer:  Yes! In fact, it is possible to protect yourself from the effects of layoffs and cutbacks, mergers and re-engineering.  The method is simple, but it is not easy.

To protect yourself from layoffs and cutbacks you must make yourself more valuable to your current employer, and more attractive to potential employers.

Career Insurance will teach you how.

For many years, Tom Sheppard has used these strategies to survive and thrive through layoffs and mergers, growing his salary by more than 10 times.  For more than a dozen years he taught them to his select clients, helping them to achieve their dreams and increase their job stability.

How much is your next pay raise going to be?  How much will it cost you if you lose your job?  How much is a promotion worth to you?

If you earn only $20,000 per year and can get a promotion that brings a 5% pay raise with it, then you have increased your income by $1,000 per year.

Would you be willing to pay half that ($500) to get the promotion?  How about just $100?  How about finding out what you need to know for less than $10?

He charged his clients hundreds of dollars for access to this information.  Now, you can get it for less than $10.  Just go to and download the article today for less than $5.  Get it now, before the price is raised.

Just go to and search for "Career Insurance Tom Sheppard" and download the article right away.  If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry.  Amazon has a free app that you can download to read the article on almost any computer, pad, or phone.

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