Reverse Phone Lookup Guide: Everything You Must Know

A complete guide about reverse phone lookup, how it works, free reverse phone lookup truth, free vs paid reverse cell phone lookup and finally the best phone lookup service to choose.
Dec. 27, 2013 - PRLog -- Are you a victim of harassing prank calls or those irritating telemarketing calls? Or don’t recognize the phone number scribbled on a piece of paper? Maybe you found an unknown phone number in your spouse cell phone log and suspicious about their activities. Then, all you need is  a reverse phone lookup service to trace the unknown phone number and identify the caller.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?
Reverse phone lookup is an online service that helps to trace and find out the name, address and other personal information about the owner of any phone number. There are dozens of companies online offering reverse phone number lookup service, but only a few of them provides accurate and current results. These companies have legal access to millions of phone records from different public and private sources and compile these data into a database. The user accesses this database through a simple yet effective interface and reverse look up the details about any phone number instantly. The overall process in quick and doesn’t take more than 1-2 minutes.

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What Information can I get?

Every reverse phone lookup report include basic information such as the full name of the owner, age, address, associates and location on map. Advanced report also includes previous address, relatives, alternate phone numbers and background history.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup – Do They Exist?
Well, it depends whether you are searching for a publicly listed phone number such as Landline, Toll Free, Business numbers or Private numbers – cell phone numbers, unlisted and blocked numbers. Landline  and Business phone numbers can be traced for FREE on public reverse phone directories like;

-White Pages
-Yahoo People Search

Few other Free reverse phone lookup methods includes searching the phone number in Search Engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing) and Social Networks(Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). However, these methods are not guaranteed to provide you the results of the phone number you are looking for. In case, you get the result the information may be inaccurate and outdated. Searching for a phone number in search engines is a time consuming and tedious task, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But, if you have enough patience and happy to spend some precious time, give them a try.

Is there a Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?
Unfortunately NO! Cell phone numbers are issued by private mobile phone companies rather than regional phone providers, as landline numbers. To ensure the privacy of their subscribers the cell phone companies make sure these data cannot be accessed through any public reverse phone directories and Free reverse phone lookup service providers. So the only way to trace a cell phone number is by conducting a paid reverse cell phone lookup.

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Paid Reverse Phone Lookup – Instant, Accurate and Effective Way to Trace Cell Phone Numbers

The most accurate, effective and quick way to trace cell phone, unlisted and blocked phone numbers is to use a paid reverse cell phone lookup. Paid reverse lookup service purchase cell phone subscribers data from different mobile carriers and are bound by legal agreements with mobile phone companies(T-Mobile, Verizon etc.) which restricts them from distributing the users information freely to protect the privacy of subscribers. Hence paid reverse phone lookup service requires you to have a valid Credit Card or Paypal account for registration to ensure that their service cannot be used for any illegal purpose(like stalking, identity theft etc.). In addition to the purchase of data from individual cell phone companies they also have to regularly update their database to provide current and up to date results. All these maintenance cost them money, so these reverse lookup companies in turn try to make up some of their spending by charging a nominal subscription fee from the end-users like you.

What’s the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Company?
The quality of a reverse cell phone lookup service depends on the comprehensiveness of their compiled database. So it’s best to choose a company which accesses a very wide range of data from different phone companies and other public sources. Phone Detective is the best private company offering paid reverse phone lookup service for a small subscription fee. They have an extensive and sophisticated database consisting of 400 million US phone records. Their single tracer report costs $14.95 while the annual subscription is for $39.95. Annual subscription grants you access to conduct unlimited free reverse phone lookup for landline, business and other public phone numbers. Premium members also get access to millions of US public records and conduct unlimited Free People Search, additional benefit for people looking for their old friends and long lost relatives or searching for someone by name. Their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that, if you aren’t satisfied with the service you will get an instant refund.

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