New York City Gardens going Green: Watering with new Drip Irrigation Systems

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NEW YORK - Dec. 21, 2013 - PRLog -- The lucky and outdoor loving people that have a beautiful garden oasis to relax away from the hassle NYC have learned over the years that the NYC environment is hard on gardens and plantings. Since most urban gardens are on smaller plots of land or on sunny rooftops and windy terraces our plants and trees are usually growing in planters, pots, planter boxes etc. Just because you have an irrigation system now doesnt mean that it is efficient and supporting your garden as it could. A high quality, reliable irrigation system is essential to provide the much needed water to our rooftop and urban trees, shrubs and flowers that dry out  more quickly than if planted in a traditional suburban garden or landscape. Modern high efficiency drip Irrigation systems from New York Plantings Irrigation are a great way to support a penthouse garden, terrace or any urban garden's watering requirements.
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Drip irrigation systems are not a new idea having been in use for hundreds of years. As with any human engineered product or system there have been improvements over the years. The latest improvements to drip irrigation systems make it worthwhile to change your existing irrigation system if it is more than 5 years old. New York plantings Irrigation offers the latest Garden watering, micro spray and drip irrigation systems that are truly more reliable, last longer, use about 50% less water than the previous generation of so called drip irrigation systems. In fact, the old "spaghetti" style irrigation systems arent drip type watering at all; the emitters just dribble out (most of which runs through the planters and to your rooftop or deck) wasting the precious resource of water, wasting money and making a mess.

 It is time to change out your old irrigation system as well as your old irrigation company. For the past 2 decades NYC has been stagnant with little choice in irrigation companies that provided low efficiency antiquated design irrigation systems (often the spaghetti type system). You could not add flowers easily, could not move pots or planters without disconnecting irrigation and the tubing just pulled out and broke often requiring a costly visit from you know who... New York plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting is changing the industry with a fresh, environmentally responsible, affordable drip irrigation system design and installation service for Manhattan and Metro NYC. Now you can have your irrigation system installed by true garden and horticulture experts with dedicated trucks and factory trained technicians. Parts and irrigation components are readily available and affordable.

Joe M, Co owner with Todd Nappi of New York plantings Irrigation Services adds his thoughts:
"Nearly all Townhouse rear yards, penthouse gardens,large terrace gardens,rooftop gardens and more recently "greenroofs" have some form of irrigation system. The latest generation of electronic irrigation controllers coupled with modern drip irrigation components quickly made the older style systems (as well as the companies that install them) obsolete. The older systems simply cant compare in performance, effectiveness and efficiency but a few companies still use the old style systems."

In summary, you can protect your investment in your garden or landscape, have a super low maintenance, efficient drip irrigation system that is relieble built to last and will use about half the water of the previous system. The money you save on water use alone should pay for the new system in 3-4 years. Several  garden clients report healthier shrubs, plants, trees, flowers and greenroof farms with huge crisp vegetables. Many gardeners are able to plant things that would not do well with the old style irrigation systems.

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*** The increased popularity and awareness of Rooftop Gardens in the NYC metro areas has created the need for urban garden and landscape specialty companies such as New York Plantings Garden Designers (and the Irrigation service company New York Plantings Irrigation & Landscape Lighting)

There is no other company in NYC metreo area that offers the skillset in garden ability or the scope of services similar to New York Plantings Garden Designers. Serving the finest homes in NYC, NJ and eastern PA you will see the difference in the friendly, educated staff who take pride in their work.

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