The Invisible Parenting Handbook Is Now Visible

The Invisible Parenting Handbook, a no-nonsense parenting book, has just been published. Author Mama (Shawn Hosford) helps those thinking about starting a family discuss real and meaty issues. She supplies new parents with potential challenges and suggests celebrating important milestones together. Any family or group wanting to delve into this often controversial topic will find a plethora of topic starters in the pages of The Invisible Parenting Handbook.
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Prepare your children for the real world with The Invisible Parenting Handbook.
Prepare your children for the real world with The Invisible Parenting Handbook.
SEATTLE - Nov. 26, 2013 - PRLog -- Mama (aka Shawn Hosford) has just published The Invisible Parenting Handbook, a refreshingly balanced, frank, and honest resource for anyone considering parenthood. According to readers, this book is easy to understand and full of common sense.

Lacey Hill (an early reviewer) was thrilled. She writes, “The Invisible Parenting Handbook is not Dr. PhD spouting theories, not Reverend Holier-Than-Thou who I most likely won’t connect with spiritually, and not Psychologist So-And-So explaining why flash cards and 5 languages are important to introduce in the first 6 months. (I only know 2 languages and I turned out fine!) Mama as author gave me that instant feeling of understanding, welcoming, and imparting the sage advice that only a mom can.”

When Shawn Hosford and Mark Israel’s daughter was young and didn't like the rules or boundaries being imposed upon her, Mama (Shawn) explained that the rules came from a parenting handbook that all parents received. Simply put, they were non-negotiable. Shawn would additionally clarify, “The handbook is invisible to children, only their parents can see it. One day, if you have children, you will be able to see the handbook too.”

Though Carly (Shawn and Mark’s daughter) isn’t yet a parent, she is a world-traveled adult busily forging a life of her own. Knowing how quickly life can fly by, Shawn decided she needed to write the handbook for her daughter before the stories faded too far into the past. Hosford says, “I wanted to share with her, and others who might be interested, the stories that we heard and experienced that helped us become better parents. I wanted to make that invisible handbook more visible.”

Now visible and available for the rest of the world to peruse is The Invisible Parenting Handbook, by Mama. This 226-page book can now be purchased at in both a softbound edition ($19.95) and as a Kindle book ($9.99). Save when you buy both.

The Invisible Parenting Handbook on Amazon

Shawn (Mama) is always passionate when talking about parenting. Mama says, “Though the idea of this book has obviously been brewing for much longer, the actual book came to me over a period of four short months. Maybe that isn’t so strange if you’re Stephen King but as a 53-year-old dyslexic who has always struggled with the written word, it continues to astound me that 42,000 words could come out of me in such a short period of time!”

Writing the book while holding down a full-time job and leading her otherwise normally busy life, Hosford quips, “It was an honor to wake up at 2 am and need to write. The words would just pour out of me. If it weren’t for my loyal group of volunteer readers, editors, and that forceful pouring forth, this book might never have been. I know I certainly wouldn’t have thought it possible for me to produce it. I actually prefer to say that it came through me, particularly after listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk, because I wholeheartedly agree the Invisible Parenting Handbook is not by me but from somewhere else. This is why I deferred authorship to ‘Mama’ rather than putting my own name in that spot.”

Daughter Carly had the opportunity to read one of the first drafts and was delighted when her mother asked her to create some illustrations. Those engaging graphics appear in the book making this project an even more collaborative effort between mother and daughter. Though she currently lives half a world away from her parents as she finishes her Masters in Journalism at Rhodes University in South Africa, Carly fondly remembers working side by side with her mother and assorted friends as they played in the art room at home. It felt quite natural for her to bring those memories into the mix when helping the Invisible Parenting Handbook become more tangible.

As Carly describes her mother, “Sometimes my mom flies through this world like a gale-force wind. She also shows her love through selfless encouragement.  I know my Mom is my biggest supporter. Bypassing compliments such as ‘You’re smart!’ or ‘You’re beautiful!,’ my mother shows her love by facilitating my growth. She loves in a way that surpasses physical proximity. Both my parents understand the educational role that experience plays. They also showed me from an early age that they trusted me. I think these incredible gifts of my childhood are clearly reflected in the Invisible Parenting Handbook and may be useful for other parents to see.”

It’s obvious there is a very special connection and high respect between this mother and daughter team as Carly continues, “Sometimes when I think about my mother, I imagine her carrying these big baskets full of people, me included. Not because we need her to hold us up but because she chooses to take us under her wings, regardless. Sitting in my Grahamstown, South Africa bedroom, I can still feel her wings stretching from Seattle to nurture and encourage me. To call her a people person would be an unfortunate understatement. In fact, I’ve never met a person who is more unassuming, outspoken, genuine, supportive, and welcoming in my life.”

There will be a brief two-month window when both Shawn Hosford and Carly Hosford-Israel are available for interviews together beginning December 10, 2013 while Carly is home for Winter break. All interested parties should contact Shawn Hosford at All of Us Productions, PO Box 77207, Seattle WA 98177, call 206-368-3945 or 206-963-1594.