ETX-NG, An Electronic Transcript Exchange and Degree Verification Platform For Schools in Nigeria

ETX-NG provides Electronic Transcript Exchange Services in Nigerian tertiary institutions; by helping students and alumni apply for transcripts online and by assisting universities and polytechnics in Nigeria deliver their academic transcripts securely to any destination worldwide. ETX-NG also verifies degrees and certificates obtained from schools in Nigeria.
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ETX-NG, An Electronic Transcript Exchange For Nigeria
ETX-NG, An Electronic Transcript Exchange For Nigeria
VICTORIA ISLAND, Nigeria - Nov. 24, 2013 - PRLog -- Nigeria’s position as a country with a population of about 150 million, its increasing student population, and the need for a proper facility for electronic transcripts and certificate verification encouraged Darrel Hill Consulting, a Nigerian technology management company to develop the Electronic Transcript Exchange or ETX-NG. This facility addressed the long due support to students, alumni and corporations alike by providing a comprehensive platform that addressed the two main issues of the need for an academic transcript clearinghouse and a certificate verification center, all rolled into one.

It is no secret that applying for and obtaining academic transcripts or verifying degrees obtained from universities and polytechnics in Nigeria can be a daunting challenge. Usually, students and graduates depend on their institutions to provide timely transcripts processing and degree verification services to help them get jobs faster and meet graduate school deadlines.

With the advent of ETX-NG, it is expected that aplying for and obtaining academic transcripts from tertiary institutions in Nigeria or verify degrees obtained from schools in Nigeria would no longer be a problem for all those concerned.

The Vision

ETX-NG aims to turn out as the most powerful provider of automated certificate verification service and transcript exchange system in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

The Objective

ETX-NG’s mission is to set up a single platform, centrally located for exchange of electronic transcripts in Nigeria educational institutions. ETX-NG’s service will minimize the time cycle from order to fulfillment for the students and alumni requesting transcripts minimize the participant’s administrative load by giving degree verification and transcript for their organizations and simultaneously preserving the privacy and confidentiality of the records in complete conformity with the international security standards.

Services Offered

ETX-NG aids educational institutions of Nigeria to better their competence, reduce input efforts and bring down costs. Their tasks also include augmenting the quality-of-service delivered to their employers, alumni, students and related institutions, also helping in offering authentic transcripts of educational backgrounds.

The core services provided by the ETX-NG platform as defined on the website are:

1: Students / Alumni - Apply for Transcripts: Targeted at students who gained some form of tertiary education in Nigeria and its available to non exchange members too. This service assists students and alumni in Nigeria in obtaining their academic transcripts from any tertiary institution in Nigeria; whether electronic and physical; and having such transcripts delivered to any destination worldwide.

2: Tertiary Institutions - Join the ETX-NG Network: Targeted at all types of tertiary institutions in Nigeria; covering universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. This service represent the core of the ETX-NG business. They primarily help the institutions by providing a more efficient and effective way of processing transcripts across the entire value chain. They have broken down the activities into three: Transcript ordering, Transcript Generation and Transcript Delivery. Institutions that are full mebers of the network are privy to all three service activities; other could opt for each as needed.

3: Corporate Organisations - Verify Degrees: Targeted at corporate organisations across the world including companies in Nigeria who may want to verify the authenticity of the degrees claimed by thier employees. This is particularly a good one because it is also extended to tertiary insitutions and professional certification bodies as well. Considering that they handle thousands of transcript records, they are efficient by filtering the meta data and recycling it for the verification business in collaboration with tertiary institutions in Nigeria and similar networks abroad.

4: Certification Providers - Membership verification database and ETX-NG Receive: Targeted at professional certification providers in Nigeria. This service aims to develop an online database of current certificate holders for free and provide this to corporate organisations at a fee, which is then shared. ETX-NG Receive also ensures that the incoming transcripts of members are efficiently received and stored in secure electronic format.

Benefits of ETX-NG for Transcripts
Taking into consideration the need to adapt fast with the speedy technological updates in every sector in Africa, ETX-NG is well set to deliver technology everywhere to the educational sector.

ETX-NG is the principle electronic transcript exchange in Nigeria and to entire Africa; providing electronic transcript delivery to within and outside Nigeria to tertiary institutions.

ETX-NG is capable of verifying professional certificates and degrees obtained in the UK, USA and other European countries, Asia, Australia and Africa.

They have complete support and approval of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and  the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE).

ETX-NG had its inception in July 2013 with the sole intention of utilizing the benefits of technology in erstwhile-undeveloped markets like Nigeria.

ETX-NG is the exclusive service that is capable of delivering electronic transcripts reliably from Nigeria, with the use of Adobe CDS digitally signed PDFs.

ETX-NG is Local
ETX-NG is a simple and user-friendly technology platform that empowers Nigerian students, companies and higher institutions in 3 basic ways:

Students and alumni can apply for or order academic transcripts anytime, anywhere; online from tertiary institutions in Nigeria and have the transcripts delivered electronically to most universities world-wide.

Tertiary institutions in Nigeria can send and receive electronic transcripts as well as verify the degrees of their student applications between each other in a controlled, secure, and trusted environment - instantaneously!

Companies can request to verify staff degrees and professional certifications for employment and other purposes from higher educational institutions in Nigeria

ETX-NG is also Global
In addition to enabling the secure exchange of transcripts between higher educational institutions in Nigeria, ETX-NG also enables the request, transfer and delivery of transcripts from higher educational institutions in Nigeria to institutions within and outside the country through collaboration with exchanges in other parts of the world; such as Parchment USA.

ETX-NG claims to be dedicated to delivering the highest quality transcript and degree verification exchange service in Africa; through dedicated passion and client-focused philosophy, un-matched customer services, foster growth of their team members and remain ethical and responsible in all participating institutions.


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