Alive with Clive Announces Innovative New Win-Win-Win Charity Sponsorship Program

Charities seeking to raise more funds for their causes now have a new vehicle to do so that also provides a unique experience for supporters who can win prizes in Alive with Clive contests, and a way for corporate sponsors to generate goodwill
EASTCHESTER, N.Y. - Nov. 18, 2013 - PRLog -- As recently announced, the prize winners in The 1st Alive with Clive Quest for the Best Song Contest will be the viewers who enter the Contest as well as the singer/songwriters in the Contest.  In addition, as a result of participation by the supporters of charities in the Contest, charities will also receive financial contributions.  Now, Clive Swersky, Host and Producer of Alive with Clive and the creator of the Contest, has added another innovative twist to make the Contest even more of a win-win-win not just for the viewers and singer/songwriters, but also for charities and corporate sponsors as well!

With this new twist, corporate sponsors can agree to contribute to a charity $10 or more for each vote cast for the charity by the viewer.  The votes are recorded when the viewer enters the Contest to win the prizes immediately after watching This Week on Alive with Clive.

“It’s a win-win-win collaboration for everyone who participates,” says Clive, “since viewers of This Week on Alive with Clive have the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of knowing that simply by seeing a talented singer/songwriter on This Week on Alive with Clive, entering the Contest in which they can win fantastic prizes, and voting for a charity, they are taking steps to ensure that a charity they support receives funds, and each corporate sponsor that provides a contribution of $10 or more per viewer who votes for the charity will both receive additional exposure and enjoy a boost to its standing in the community.”

While it was previously announced that the top three charities that generate the most entrants in the Contest will receive the top three awards of $6,000, $2,500 and $1,500, the plan has now been amended to allocate $10 per vote for a charity in the Contest (up to $10,000), so for the first 1,000 votes every charity that receives votes in the Contest will receive funds.

The new twist to the Contest described in the second paragraph of this Press Release will run in conjunction with the already-existing plan for the Contest in which up to $10,000 will be awarded to charities.  So, if a charity has a separate agreement for a corporate sponsor to contribute $10 or more per entry in the Contest, it will receive $20 or more per entry.  And even if a charity is not on the List of 20 Charities for the Contest, it can nevertheless participate in this Program.

The infrastructure is already in place for viewers to vote for charities in The Current Alive with Clive Quarterly Contest that runs until January 29, 2014, so charities can arrange for corporate sponsors to make contributions of $10 or more per entry starting now, whether or not those same corporate sponsors want to sponsor The 1st Alive with Clive Quest for the Best Song Contest.

A Web page on the Web site for The Alive with Clive Global Community has been created at to show the logo of the corporate sponsor next to the logo of the charity that will receive the contribution of $10 or more per entry and vote from that charity’s corporate sponsor.

Furthermore, in this new Alive with Clive Charity Sponsorship Program, a charity can have more than one corporate sponsor.  So, for example, if a charity has say five corporate sponsors, a charity will receive $50 or more for each entry in the contest!  In addition, a corporate sponsor can sponsor more than one charity, and each viewer can enter a contest every week but no more than once a week.

The Program also enables charities seeking corporate sponsors for their other programs to build relationships with potential corporate sponsors en route to securing sponsorship for their other programs.

The prizes to be won by one winner in The Current Alive with Clive Quarterly Contest include a set of four Alive with Clive Mugs worth over $100, a $100 gift card, and a dozen CDs – three each from Brendan O’Shea, Niall Connolly, Cassandra Kubinski and Fred Gillen Jr., singer/songwriters who’ve been interviewed on Alive with Clive and produced three or more CDs.

While The 1st Alive with Clive Quest for the Best Song Contest was initially scheduled to begin on January 30 and run until April 30, 2014, it will begin and run for thirteen weeks as soon as possible after all the Sponsors and Prizes have been determined if it doesn’t begin by January 30, 2014.

Alive with Clive is the TV Show that gives music fans the chance to see the world’s most talented emerging and established singer/songwriters and bands on TV – FREE!  It is also referred to as the TV Show that gives fans of American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice an exciting new choice!

It can be seen 24/7 online 6½ days a week at, and viewers who enter The Current Alive with Clive Quarterly Contest gain access to the entry form from that Web page as well.

To date, more than 220 singer/songwriters have been interviewed on Alive with Clive and the more than 450 clips on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube at have been seen over 92,000 times.  Here’s one of the most recent additions to the Channel, a clip of the inspiring song, “Thrive,” by singer/songwriter, Steve Katz:


Representatives of corporate sponsors and charities that would like to participate in The Alive with Clive Win-Win-Win Charity Sponsorship Program and be added to the Web page specially created for this Program must complete and sign the same Sponsor Application that is at and email the single completed application form they both complete to clive at (use the @ sign without spaces on either side) with the words Charity Sponsorship Program in the field for the subject of the email.  This application form also contains a link to the recently-updated Sponsor Proposal and Sponsor Agreement for The 1st Alive with Clive Quest for the Best Contest.

Additional updates about this Program and the Alive with Clive Contests can be found and will be provided on Clive Swersky’s Blog at

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