Gaslighting as an Abuse Technique

Spot narcissists, psychopaths, cheaters, liars, sociopaths, and con artists before they spot you! Protect your heart and just say "no more!"
TORONTO - Nov. 17, 2013 - PRLog -- It is estimated that at least 4% of the population has narcissistic personality disorder.

What does this mean?

This means that four out of ten people that you interact with on a regular basis may be "out to get you."

Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a dangerous behaviour diagnosis that can be detrimental to your emotional, physical, mental, and financial health. Men and women who want your money, your children, your heart, your home, your assets, or your fame will do anything to get it.

Narcissists are charming and persuasive. When you first meet them, you will think you've found your soul-mate; you have so much in common and the future is filled with thrilling possibilities. However, this wonderful fresh beginning starts to fall apart after a few months or even years; whenever the narcissist grows tired of "mirroring" you and has moved on to someone else behind your back.

One of the tools a narcissist/liar/con artist/abuser will use to disarm his or her target is gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse that a gaslighter (abuser) will use to manipulate his or her target. Gaslighting often begins so subtly that the target often has no idea he or she is being gaslighted. The target begins to doubt his or her own memory, loses confidence, is often confused, has difficulty making decisions, and knows that "something is wrong" but can't quite put his or her finger on it.

Victoria Summit is a life coach who has written the Gaslight Survivor Series to help people of all ages, classes, and races to become more aware of dangerous, abusive, and toxic relationships.

Evil never looks evil, or at least rarely does. However, liars and abusers do give off red flags and other clues if you know what to look for early in the relationship.

Victoria believes that people from all ages, teenagers and up, should be educated about the hazards of narcissists, psychopaths, pathological liars, and cheaters. Sometimes a person doesn't realize he or she is being abused because it happened so slowly and subtly. Only when it's "too late" does the victim "wake up" from being hypnotised by his or her lover. Some victims never "wake up."

Dancing in the Gaslight is the third book in the Gaslight Survivor Series. In this book, Victoria discusses recognizing being caught in the manipulations of a gaslighter/abuser by exploring some of the methods.

Selected Reader Reviews for the Gaslight Survivor Series:

"I think this should be read in high schools."

"Unfortunately, there are so many narcissists that we need to educate ourselves and this book helps you to fight and get your life back...Thank you Victoria."

"This book is extremely informative and thought provoking. Clearly exposes the liar and the gaslight strategies that they use to manipulate. Must read!"

"This is a book I recommend to anyone who knows a habitual liar. Be they parent, spouse, lover, friend they are dangerous! This book very succinctly defines these pathological personalities. It delves into why we allow ourselves to stay with them. It challenges us to have enough self-respect to run and not look back."

"I knew something was wrong in my relationship and now I know I'm really not going crazy!!"

"A great reminder that we need to watch out for the liar. Be alert and aware and not afraid to set boundaries necessary to protect ourselves from being/staying a victim."

"Every woman considering online dating should read this. These are strange times where integrity and honestly hold little value to many. This list (100 Red Flags) helps us protect ourselves."

"This book is a very good reference book, I would highly recommend to anyone, and everyone who may be having issues with certain people."

Dancing in the Gaslight



Books by Victoria Summit:

100 Red Flags in Relationships

How Many Lies Are Too Many?

Dancing in the Gaslight

Available in print and ebook nearly everywhere.

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