Father's Death Inspires Hypnotist To Help Raise Money For The American Cancer Society

Remembering his Late Father, Local Hypnotist Offers Stop Smoking Sessions for Donations to the American Cancer Society
ST. LOUIS - Nov. 13, 2013 - PRLog -- In honor of his father who died of lung cancer, and in association with the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout, Rob Malone, founder of the Metro Hypnosis Center (http://www.metrohypno.com/), is offering stop smoking hypnosis (http://www.metrohypno.com/) sessions at the Metro Hypnosis Center (http://www.metrohypno.com/) in Maryland Heights, MO from Nov 18 – 22 in exchange for donations to the American Cancer Society.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lung cancer is the most lethal form of cancer, with more people dying from lung cancer than any other type.  In 2010, over 200,000 people in the United States were diagnosed with lung cancer and over 150,000 people died from it, with as many at 1,400 in the St. Louis Metropolitan area dying from lung cancer each year.  Smoking causes 80 to 90 percent of lung cancer cases in both men and women.

“Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death and disease. Cigarettes cause more deaths than cocaine, auto accidents, AIDS, alcohols, heroin, fire, suicide and homicide combined,” according to the Foundation For A Smokefree America’s website (www.anti-smoking.org).

Hypnosis (http://www.metrohypno.com/) has been clinically proven by many studies to be one of the most effective methods to quit smoking.  While the success rates vary from study to study, University of Washington and Texas A & M University studies have shown success rates exceeding 80%.

Malone’s father, Mel Malone, died of lung cancer in 1999 at the age of 70. He had smoked for nearly 40 years and as much as 3 packs a day.  “Ironically my father had quit smoking about ten years before his death, but apparently at that point the damage had already been done,” said Malone.  “That is why I want to do all I can to help people quit smoking as soon as possible.  I thought this would be a great way to help people and raise money for the American Cancer Society.”

“My wife and I both used hypnosis (http://www.metrohypno.com/) 20 years ago to quit smoking and neither one of us has smoked since,” Malone said.  “In fact, it was that powerful experience that started my interest in studying and learning hypnosis (http://www.metrohypno.com/).”

A $50.00 donation is suggested for the stop smoking hypnosis session, but a minimum $20.00 donation is required.  100% of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.  The Metro Hypnosis Center (http://www.metrohypno.com/) is located at 11710 Administration Drive, Suite 12, Maryland Heights, MO.  Appointments are required.  To schedule an appointment, call the Metro Hypnosis Center (http://www.metrohypno.com/) at 314-714-4572.  For more information on the Metro Hypnosis Center (http://www.metrohypno.com/), go to www.metrohypno.com or you can email questions to robm@metrohypno.com.

The Great American Smokeout is held annually on the third Thursday of November.  The Great American Smokeout originally started as a high school fundraising event in 1970.  In 1977, the American Cancer Society took the program nationally and it is estimated that millions of people participate in it each year.


Name: Rob Malone, CH, CI

Title: President

Company: Metro Hypnosis Center

Cell Phone: 618-977-4035

Office Phone: 314-714-4572

Email: robm@metrohypno.com

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, hypnosis“is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.” It is different from sleep, although people who are hypnotized are very relaxed, usually have their eyes closed, and may appear to be asleep.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Most healthy people experience a "trance state" several times a day, most often when they become absorbed in a repetitive task such as driving, or when focusing on a compelling book or activity. Most people experience a very relaxed, lethargic and in a pleasant state of mind when undergoing therapeutic hypnosis. Many people are surprised by how “normal and natural” hypnosis feels.

How Is Hypnosis Used In Clinical Settings?

Hypnosis is commonly used in medicine, dentistry, and in psychotherapy and behavioral medicine. According to the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, hypnosis can be used for gastrointestinal disorders like ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and Crohn’s disease; to relieve many forms of acute and chronic pain, such as labor pains, burn pain, or pain from surgical or dental procedures; and to relieve nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy and pregnancy.

Hypnosis is also effective for behavioral and mood problems such as test anxiety, sadness, guilt, sleep, compulsive eating, migraines, nail biting, obsessions, organization problems, fears, low self esteem, shyness, smoking, stress and anxiety, teeth grinding, and more.

Over 3,000 clinical studies of hypnosis have proven its effectiveness and safety in medical and dental applications.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Virtually all healthy people over age 8 can be hypnotized, although some people respond better to hypnotic suggestion than others. There is some evidence to indicate that people with higher intelligence and greater creative abilities tend to be somewhat more responsive to suggestion.

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