DI-SC221 HD 20x Optical Zoom Camera 0.4Lx

Hitachi's Newest Block Camera provides excellent low light capability
CHESHUNT, U.K. - Nov. 13, 2013 - PRLog -- The HD Hitachi DI-SC221 features a 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor that provides 1920x1080 30P, 25P. Hitachi has combined their latest DSP10 proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to a high sensitivity CMOS sensor achieve a minimum subject illumination of 0.4lx in colour mode. This is combined with a 20x optical zoom and12x digital lens producing a very powerful security solution.



The DI-SC221 features auto and on/off defog. The camera, processing in real time, each pixel for fog thickness and applies contrast to the image to offer a much-enhanced picture. The 20x zoom function is combined with Hitachi‚Äôs unique high-speed auto focusing system to quickly track subjects and capturing HD images. This ensures the accurate capturing of important evidence in many applications, including urban surveillance, license plate capture of distant vehicles, trains, etc. Wide Dynamic Range allows the capture of image detail even in areas of great contrast, indoors/outdoors scenes at the entrance of a building for example These areas are prone to white-out or loss of dark detail, reducing clarity of the subject area. Unique to Hitachi is their two-step approach to this problem the first step uses a composite of images taken at two different shutter speeds, while the second employs a contrast offset that corrects the contrast for an image pixel-by-pixel basis. . This can be further improved with the new Enhanced Intensity function, which brightens dark areas whilst leaving bright areas as is. Sensitivity can be enhanced by IR-cut on 1/8s shutter 0.1Lx and IR-cut off  1/8s shutter 0.01Lx. Advanced features include Privacy Masking in 3D mode in up to 8 zones, Motion Detection 64 zones, Motion Tracking, Image, reverse, mirror, vertical invert, freeze,



With a size of just 50x60x89.5mm and weighing just 260g this very powerful block camera is ideal for PT domes, security, surveillance, defence and many other applications

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