New book reveals quantum effects crucial to entrepreneurs, sales and creative people

Explains Dr Frank Juszczyk, what Steaphen has done in his "Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment", is create a practical quantum handbook for those foundering in an outdated conception of what constitutes “reality”.
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SYDNEY - Nov. 11, 2013 - PRLog -- A new book by Steaphen Pirie reveals how to use quantum processes in everyday life, and why they're crucial to entrepreneurs, innovators, sales and creative people, and anyone seeking positive results.

Steaphen combines basic quantum physics principles with common-sense to provide simple, practical tools for understanding and using the creative processes that underpin, enable and sustain life. He cites examples how using these processes were (and are) invariably engaged by creative entrepreneurs, scientists – especially Einstein – sales people, and anyone real-ising extraordinary achievement. The tools can be applied in any area of life, and are most notably relevant to situations requiring positive results in business, health and well-being.

Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment is a remarkable book –- not merely because it reveals ground-breaking ideas – but for the easy manner with which Steaphen develops them using common-sense arguments.

Starting with his seemingly innocuous “Stretch Test Tool” Pirie easily brushes aside a number of limiting, dis-empowering beliefs common to many spiritual and religious schools of thought. But he doesn't stop there: he also dismisses some of the more unfortunate and no less limiting beliefs informing modern science.

The “Big Now Tool” reveals how to make choices based on not just past and present experience, but also future experience as well. The implications are extraordinary, but the reasoning put forward by Pirie is sound, and disarmingly straight-forward.

As a manual for regaining health when ill, for gaining creative insights and understanding, and achieving our goals and dreams, the book also provides a 'big-picture world-view' that spans millennia, and offers insights into why many behave so poorly towards one another. It also explains why men and women behave as they do, in far more succinct, persuasive terms than the plethora of books on gender issues and behaviours.

And all that in around 50 pages. It's brevity combined with its many big ideas means that the reader is rewarded immediately on reading and again, though rereading. Its brevity leaves enough room for envisaging many delightful possibilities that follow from the ideas. It's fair to expect there will be other books by Pirie to expand on some of those possibilities.

Some early reviews include:

“This book by Steaphen Pirie is a masterpiece. It is a magnificent guide to help one think outside the box with the issues we experience in life. This book is small in size but big in ideas. It is a brilliant book full of intelligent humour for the thinking, open-minded person. Steaphen demonstrates incisive observations of human behaviour and traditions and shows how in casting aside old myths one is guided to understand and overcome difficult or interesting times in one's life." Robert Colquhoun, Barrister and Philosopher (Sydney, Australia)

“Steaphen condenses a lifetime of research and experience into less than 50 pages – each part a tool that will result in immediate clarity regarding our beliefs, what we can do to both understand and change these beliefs and pre-emptively live the future. Recommended reading.” Steven Lesser, Managing Director, InfoWorks International Pty Ltd.

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