Orkid Toys Announces Meebie Available for Pre-order

Children’s toy lets kids make emotions, fosters emotional health
By: Orkid Toys
Play with Meebie helps kids express feelings
Play with Meebie helps kids express feelings
SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Nov. 8, 2013 - PRLog -- Emotional Health is the foundation for success in all areas of life. For children, play and toys are a vital part of emotional learning. Meebie facilitates emotional learning by allowing kids to express feelings and events through play. Orkid Toys website begins taking pre-orders for Meebie today.

A 2010 study suggests 25% of children four years old and under have been exposed to trauma. Emotional development is what equips our kids, not only to manage the daily ups and downs of life, but resilience in the face of trauma.

Quick facts:

Meebie is a cuddly, expressive toy focused on emotional health

Pre-order launch: November 8, 2013

Retail product release: May 2014

Retail price: $119.95

Age range 3+

Company: Orkid Toys LLC, created 2005 to test-market Meebie

Owner: Ginny Campbell, artist and product designer

Eight years of test marketing, mainly in the area of Play Therapy, have proven Meebie’s scope with girls and boys alike. Therapists and teachers rely on its ability to let kids communicate feelings without using words. Therapist Dr. Beth Onufrak recently Tweeted, “Meebie is an amazing, engaging play therapy tool! Helps kids identify & express emotions. A treasure I use daily.”

Meebie creator Ginny Campbell states, “Play with Meebie helps us understand ourselves. When we understand ourselves, we understand each other and we get along better.”

Orkid Toys is a company focused on making toys that benefit families and emotional learning.

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