Aardvark Video Gives Details On Their Craziest Week of Video Production in Las Vegas

Aardvark Video & Media Productions, a Las Vegas video production company, had their busiest week in thirteen years this October. The eleven projects listed were completed within one week, which set on all time workload high for the company.
By: Aardvark Video & Media Productions
LAS VEGAS - Oct. 24, 2013 - PRLog -- Video production in Las Vegas has been a series of busy and quiet periods in the 13 years Aardvark Video & Media Productions has been in the industry. As those of you who follow us know, our niche markets are trade show videos, training videos, and video for business.  Within the last week we did 11 projects both large and small that included all three niches, and also hit an all time high for us being busy.

Project 1 - Trade Show/Business Video
This was a 10 day time-lapse video at the Sands Expo Center that covered the construction, opening, and booth tear down of a very large trade show setup. The main purpose was to document the extensive effort that goes into building and removing a large trade show booth which the client wanted encapsulated into a short video.  It required three strategically placed cameras and numerous visits to the site twice a day during the time-lapse to monitor that cameras hadn't been stolen and that the views were still effective.  We were able to edit over 240 hours down to 4 minutes and the client was very happy with the end result.

Project 2 - Training Video
This was a CME (Continuing Medical Education) multi-camera shoot  which was also live-streamed online using our own Tricaster.  It involved a 7 hour setup and testing the day before and two full days of shooting.  In addition to the live-streaming, we will subsequently produce an edited version for DVD distribution.

Project 3 - Entertainment Las Vegas
A company we work with from Florida requested that we interview some local famous DJ's at Lavo and Marquee from 11PM to 4AM. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not real crazy about this type work because of all the confusion, restrictions, and last minute changes that normally go with shooting video at nightclubs. It isn't our niche. So with that in mind I asked one of our people if they would like to do it and sure enough, I had a volunteer. As expected there was confusion, restrictions, and last minute changes.

Project 4 - Trade Show/Business Marketing Video
This was a strange one. I got a call from a person at a medical trade show who wanted me to provide a two person crew with big bright lights just to attract people to his booth. We provided a two person crew with big bright lights who didn't record anything for two days.

Project 5 - Trade Show/Business MarketingTraining Video
When companies exhibit at a trade show they often want to and should get the most value and return for their investment.  Video gives them an opportunity to interview people who will give testimonials about their company and product and to also get footage of their experience, presentations, demonstrations for training purposes, award ceremonies, parties and other happenings to use for marketing and even morale purposes. This project at Mandalay Bay involved multiple days at all these type of events complete with a full edit to produce three videos.

Project 6 - Video for Business
A press conference can be used to get an event on the local news, or the footage may also be used for other marketing purposes including archiving and internal communication. Last week we recorded a press conference for CenturyLink where they announced a new service providing gigabyte web connectivity services. Governor Sandoval was interviewed, and the entire press conference was recorded.

Project 7 - Trade Show
This was a very challenging event; a three-camera shoot which was another live-streamed event broadcasted to the world online that had to be shot without stage lighting. This was done at the Aria using our Tricaster with only a 3 hour window for setup.  The shoot itself is something well within our capabilities, but the real challenge was the amount of equipment needing to be setup and tested in such a short period of time.  To prepare for this, we scouted the site the day before, measuring needed cable lengths and other needs, we then packed a separate "kit" of equipment and cabling together for each camera operator, along with the Tricaster setup and all the needed parts. To cut down on setup time we ensured that each crew member had everything they needed packed together in their own case so that they would only need to connect the pieces and set it up. We got it done and the client was extremely happy.

Project 8 - Video for Business/Entertainment
We've recently established a partnership with a Washington DC based trade organization to record the status of unique homes under construction in Las Vegas. We got a call over the weekend that they wanted to capture some unusual doors being installed on Thursday.  Fortunately, Project 7 which used all our crew members was on Wednesday so we had crew available for Thursday. If you've ever recorded at a construction site, you know it is messy and noisy. In between dodging flying dust & concrete, finding electricity, and running long cords for our lights, we managed to get the job done very well.

Project 9 - Business Marketing Video
One of our clients teaches medical massage and uses Las Vegas as their training site. Every time they are in town they have us record testimonials from attendees.  We give them a window dub, they pick out sections they want to use, and then we edit modules together.  During this week we edited six 2 to 5 minute modules for them.

Project 10 - Business Video/Non-Profit Video
One of the related companies to Opportunity Village is "Best Buddies", an organization where young people befriend and mentor developmentally disadvantaged youth.  On October 23rd they'll be having their annual gala, and we shot and edited a video they can use for a sing-a-long during the event to generate participation and excitement for their goals.

Project 11 - Trade Show/Business Marketing Video
The best customers often attend the same show as the service provider. That was the case at the recent Money2020 show held at the Aria in Las Vegas, and we were hired to record interviews in a suite the client had rented for that purpose.  These interviews will be used for marketing purposes following our edit, consistent with other similar work they've had done at other shows.

In summary, it was one heck of a week and we're ready to do it again!


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