The Comedian's Playbook (Of the world's best jokes)

The most hilarious jokes in the universe. Will make your ribs crack!
By: Real African Publishers

Dateline: Johannesburg: 19 October 2013.

It is the bible of comedy, and it comes with a big warning: The author and publisher will accept no responsibility for cracking ribs and tears arising. It’s definitely not for sensitive readers.

When the infamous Field Marshal  Idi Amin of Uganda toasted the Queen of England at the Buckingham Palace in 1971, he had this to say:

“ Before I undress the Queen, let me first remove my testicles “( To much anticipation). Imagine the Queen’s great annoyance when Idi Amin proceeded to remove his spectacles.

And how about this?

Dr Long was licking his wounds with a glass of whisky after losing his bet at the race course, when his wife sneaked in from behind and whacked him on the head with a large frying pan.

“ Ouch! What was that for? ” he angrily yelled

“ See what I found in your dirty shirt,” said the wife, showing him a piece of paper with the name Mama Sharifa.

“ Don’t be silly. That was the horse I betted on and lost. Can life get better than this? ”

The following day the good old doctor was again chilling when he got another skull crunching whack with an even larger frying pan.

He screamed in unbearable pain, “what is it this time, you stupid woman?”

“Your horse called”  the wife quietly replied

What gives this roaring book a special appeal are the illustrations. Every joke comes with an even funnier illustration that will make you fall off your chair in fits of laughter.

“ People need to laugh. It’s a stressful world ... And laughter is  medicine” says the author Pusch K. What people remember about me most is the way I laugh from the belly. I tell them it is genetic. My late father could be heard laughing five miles away and even from the grave.That infectious laughter has meant that I never forgot a good joke growing up. When I retold the jokes, people laughed so much I felt fulfilled. They said it was far, far funnier than all the comedians they saw on stage and on TV. So I decided to compile them for everyone”

This has given birth to the THE COMEDIAN’S PLAYBOOK ( SERIES), that is sure to get the Comedians themselves roaring with laughter.

First off the block is THE COMEDIAN’S PLAYBOOK ( Of great African jokes ). The setting is Africa, and what happens there is supposed to be murky. Like this intimate conversation between Cannibal Father and Cannibal Son:

Son: What is that flying object? (Pointing to an aircraft).

Father: Son, it is like a crayfish. You only eat what is inside.

Well, exactly why the playbook is not for sensitive readers, but designed to laugh off silly stuff.

Soon to follow is THE COMEDIAN’S PLAYBOOK ( Of great erotic jokes) – Illustrated. Hmmm. Something we all like in private, but deny in public.But what the heck: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if it were not for women, your ding dong would rust.

Also in the making is THE COMEDIAN’S PLAYBOOK, (of great office jokes) and many more. The laughter revolution is on the way.

Need urgent stress relief? Then rush to Amazon and other major online bookshops. A special price ranges from less than a dollar to 3 dollars depending on which bookshop you choose. And that price will not be for long. Follow this link to Amazon:

The better price is however at Barnes and Noble:

The exciting series will officially launch in New York come March 2014. Hardcopies will however be available before Christmas 2013, and will be distributed globally. For those going on holiday, you have the perfect gift.

Pusch Commey (aka Pusch K) is based in South Africa. He is also the author of these bestselling books: 100 GREATEST AFRICAN KINGS AND QUEENS; THE TRIAL OF LUCY FA, AND TOFI’S FIRE DANCE.
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