"Quigley's Christmas Adventure" Launches Kickstarter Campaign...We Need Your Help!!

Incredibly awesome family film "Quigley's Christmas Adventure" by phenomenal author William Byron Hillman needs your HELP to get funded on Kickstarter. A return to wholesome family fun for the holidays....
Quigley's Christmas Adventure
Quigley's Christmas Adventure
NEW YORK - Oct. 18, 2013 - PRLog -- Remember the days when you could take your family to the movies during the holidays and see a fantastic family film that everyone enjoyed? You know, the movies that stand the test of time that you cannot wait to see every year...like "Miracle on 34th Street", "It's a Wonderful Life", or maybe even "Home Alone". When we think of these fantastic movies, we think that there are far too few real family films to see during the holidays....until now...and we need your help!

"Quigley's Christmas Adventure"  is the sequel to the very successful movie "Quigley" which was and continues to be a worldwide hit today. "Quigley" started out as a cute little dog movie. We had no idea how huge the response to it would be. We thought we might sell 30,000 to 50,000 units to the home video market. But almost as soon as we released "Quigley", Wal-Mart made their first order -- for 250,000 copies. The film sold over 3 million home video units in the first 3 years before it left our shores to explore the world market. "Quigley" continues to sell in stores and play on TV in countries all over the globe.

"Quigley's Christmas Adventure" is based on the incredibly fun book by Author William Byron Hillman, and entertainment industry veteran who is looking to bring back family entertainment that is fun and exciting for EVERYONE...

Here is a short synopsis to get an idea about our story...

"Quigley's Christmas Adventure"  takes place in a small American town, where the Conway family has operated a little toy company for more than 100 years. The Conways include a grandfather, a mom and dad, and two kids. The factory workers all have disabilities and take great pride in the unique and beautiful toys they make.

Every December, the Conways mount a Christmas parade down Main Street and give away free toys to all the needy children of the community. The Conways’ lease on the factory land will last into perpetuity as long as they deliver on the yearly parade and gift giving. They have never failed in 100 years, but now, an evil woman schemes to sabotage the Conways and ruin Christmas for everyone. She needs the toy company to go out of business so the property can be sold and she can make more money.

Alarms go off in Heaven. The great book is consulted, angels scurry, and a rehearsal of Heaven’s star canine angel dance troupe is interrupted. It seems the dogs’ dance instructor, Thurmond, is next on the list to earn his wings. Thurmond will be sent to earth to save Christmas for the Conways, the factory workers, and the town. He may choose one other angel to go with him. To the chagrin of the Archangels, Thurmond chooses Quigley, a spunky Pomeranian.

This of course leads to one hilarious romp. Evil woman hires bad guys, do-good family doesn’t have a clue bad is coming and two angels step in and … well … after untold chaos, mayhem, accidents and evil doing gone wrong … good triumphs in the end.

A fun heartfelt movie that teaches, with the help of a beguiling dog angel, that unconditional love is more powerful than greed, and what a fantastic message to learn with the entire family.

Now the big question...Why Kickstarter?

We want to tell your story. You are the audience, and you told us what you wanted to see. We’ve all done studio films and all have been told to make changes that later got panned by the press and the audience. We decided instead to take suggestions from the hundreds of thousands of emails we’ve received from – yes the audience, our fans, the very people who will pay to see or buy the film. We want the cast to feel like family. As Quigley is our star and we have the star, we want to surround him with laughter and fun. Funding the film this way gives us the power to cast talented, funny actors who like each other and get along.

We want the final cut. Kickstarter allows us to have control over the editing and make the final cut as our fans have requested.

We want to showcase new music. We have heard fresh new material and up-and-coming artists that we believe will complement and enrich the visual storytelling. This will give us the opportunity to use them and have them use us for a win-win all the way around.

We want to distribute the movie ourselves. Our Executive Producer has in-house distribution and has created a network of sub-distributors who can walk our film all over the world, so many will share the experience, and the backers can be proud of their accomplishment.

We want to thank you. A professional fulfillment company will send out rewards, like books, posters, DVDs and other items for helping us make this possible. Many elements of the rewards will be fulfilled well before November of 2014, which is when we hope to release the film and have any potential premieres and screenings. For those of you who are attending an event or joining us on set, we will do our best to keep you in the loop on our locations and schedules.

Now, We Need Your HELP!!! You can become a part of the "Quigley's Christmas Adventure" movie making team....we have perks from $5 to becoming a producer or even getting a speaking role in the film...and everything in between....please contibute what you can and become a part of making a unique family film that will stand the test of time for your family, children, and grandchildren.

The official link to the "Quigley's Christmas Adventure" may be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whillman/quigleys-christmas-adventure?ref=live

The official website for Author William Hillman may be found at http://www.WilliamHillman.com

For more information  or questions please use the contact button on the kickstarter page:


Thank you for all your support, we know with your help, "Quigley's Christmas Adventure" will be a huge success!!
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