Football! Basketball! and now point martial arts! Event Promoter WANTED for Texas!

The National Martial Arts League would like to bring professional point fighting to Texas, not the Mixed Martial Arts events you see upon Television.
HOUSTON - Oct. 7, 2013 - PRLog -- The NMAL would like to show case, what has become generally known as point fighting in America within the past 70+  yrs . There are actually over 50, 000 martial arts schools in the US that train using points, semi-contact along with safety equipment. In addition there are more than 500 amateur circuits that follow identical rules within their tournaments as well as 75 Million Tae Kwon Do practitioners which participate using strikes to vital areas, semi-contact again with safety equipment.

Just think about giving each martial arts competitor, man along with woman within the state of Texas opportunities to compete and secure 13 team positions to represent their state in a national team championship with a league of thirty-one other teams and get compensated.  This is the National Martial Arts League, and that’s what we choose to bring to Texas.

A healthy progression for the professional sport martial arts team makes sense to acquire one of the several existing tournaments within Texas and utilize the black belt kumite (fighting) category winners to form the team to represent Texas. This allows the contest promoter willing to take this challenge the opportunity to expand his annual event, generate far more revenue and market his annual contest as the team eliminations event for any professional team for the state of Texas.

Here lies the opportunity to take advantage of something totally new and thrilling, owning your National Martial Arts League Team Franchise. If you have been seeking a possibility in a fast-growing industry that is thrilling, unique which has unlimited upside potential and earnings, you’ve identified it! With a National Martial Arts League Team Business your magnet to success is definitely unrestricted.

A new nationwide point team league would be more inclusive for the 1000’s of involving martial artists of all styles than any existing point fighting platform.

The NMAL currently is seeking 32 sport martial arts promoters along with /or investors who'll become NMAL franchise owners. They shall be obligated to host yearly tournaments for team selection. These teams will be representing any city/state plus the first place 18+ black belt fighting competitors from their yearly event will comprise the team to compete nationally within the National Martial Arts League. These will compete within their own divisions to ascertain division and national champions within the Kumite Sport National Competition. Interested parties should speak to Dexter Kennedy at 866-586-4831 ext zero or via electronic mail or

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