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Monday October 7, 2013 The mysterious properties of water have been investigated throughout the centuries. Film producer goes on a world search to understand more about how water can carry a healing message to individuals & nations during epidemics.
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Ananda More, a mother, Reiki Master, Doula and Canadian homeopath investigates her personal unanswered questions. She has traveled to parts of the world in her search to learn more about homeopathic theories and the properies of water. Ananda has documented her journey as a film for people to share these mind boggling discoveries.

Background | Ananda More enjoys teaching in the form of story-telling and has a drama degree from the University of Alberta. She worked with 'One Yellow Rabbit' and 'SunoLoka' theatre companies, gaining experience directing, writing, acting, choreographing and stage-managing. Organizing reams of film interviews into a storyboard put her skills to the test as she gathered information for her documentary about the memory of water.

The Power of Water | Water has amazing properties different from any other element or substance on the planet. Everyone questions how water can carry information, whether it has a memory, how it can be the source of healing and what lies behind the power of water. Everyone is invited to tune in to the interview with Ananda More on her new documentary, "The Memory of Water" about how Homeopathy is radically changing the way medicine is practiced all over the world.

What Do We Want To Know? | We travel with Ananda to foreign countries as she asks many questions: Is homeopathy what it claims to be,  a miraculous and affordable medicine that could cure cancer,  AIDS,  and even the common cold while saving billions of dollars in healthcare? Or is she practicing a form of placebo and endangering patient’s lives by keeping them from conventional treatment?

Homeopathy Increasing In Popularity | With conservative estimates of over half a billion users worldwide,  Homeopathy is considered the fastest growing form of medicine on the planet. This has inspired an enormous backlash from the pharmaceutical and medical community as homeopathy is increasingly used as an alternative to vaccination,  AIDS treatment,  cancer treatment and more.  But the question is,  does it actually work?

Skeptics Require New Way Of Thinking | Ananda meets with practitioners,  scientists, and patients who have been profoundly affected by large-scale projects from around the world. Some adamant skeptics convincingly explain that homeopathic studies are deeply flawed, the evidence available is circumstantial,  weak and statistically insignificant. Of course,  the question of how homeopathy works is another matter. And that’s where homeopathy courts controversy.

Measuring Nano Particles | We learn about ultra-high dilutions of substances, with no measurable molecules of the original substance left in them, and wonder how could they exert biological effects? Some scientists claim that not only is homeopathy effective, but that they have discovered a mechanism for the impossible, and can prove that homeopathy works without a doubt.

The Underlying Story | Follow Ananda’s personal struggle as she disassembles her paradigm and the life she’s known and lived for almost a decade as a homeopathic practitioner. In bringing it ‘back home,' she wants to learn from her patients how they feel about the treatment they received and what her colleagues think about their controversial craft. She questions whether she’s made the best health decisions in raising her own child. All this while preparing for exams as homeopathy is regulated in Ontario and she battles to keep her own business afloat.

The implications of this journey are global. | The biggest question is: How do we tackle a phenomenon that defies our notion of medicine and yet clearly shows promise?  Is Homeopathy being suppressed for economic interests?  Are there really safer and effective alternatives to modern medicine? Or is it all a scam that targets one of our deepest vulnerabilities, our need for hope in the face of the insurmountable.

You can find Ananda at her River Dale Homeopathy ( dispensary, bookstore, clinic and hub for the homeopathic community of Ontario; a place where people come for their medicines, supplies, continuing education, and meeting place. Along with her general family practice, she specializes in pre and post natal care and Homeopathic Labour support. Ananda studied at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, and has taken Louis Klein's HMC graduate course.

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