Annie Haven's Alfalfa – Cow – Horse Manure Tea For Best Organic Plant Nutrition

Ms. Annie Haven, owner of Authentic Haven Brand, introduces her unique family produced alfalfa, cow, horse manure tea as one of the best organic plant nutrition and soil conditioner available today.
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - Oct. 6, 2013 - PRLog -- Environmentally conscious indoor and outdoors gardeners are offered organic fertilizers and soil conditioners, such as Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Teas. Affectionately known as Moo Poo Tea by gardeners who have and are using them, the nickname hints at the products' origins. Two of the line’s products are cow and horse manure teas, with ingredients freshly “harvested” from the pastures of the Haven Family Ranch in San Juan Capistrano, California, a farm run by the Haven family for more than 160 years and still going strong today.

'We haven’t changed anything about how we raise our livestock over the five generations my family has been ranching', says Annie Haven, current owner of the business. 'Our cows and horses eat green grass and thrive in the California sun as they’ve done for more than a century. It’s the way livestock is meant to be raised and it’s the only way the Havens have ever done it.'

Ms. Haven points to this generations-old way of sustainably raising cows and horses as the reason for the consistent high quality of the Cow Manure Tea and Horse Manure Tea products, available at We’ve never used chemicals on our pastures nor have we fed our livestock hormone-laced feed', Ms. Haven continues, 'What goes in as simple California-grown grass comes out as all-natural cow and horse manure.'

This cow and horse manure, harvested by Ms. Haven herself, is naturally processed and dried into an odorless fertilizer and soil conditioner using an old Haven-family secret technique. It's then packaged into fist-sized, 4 by 6 inch organic-fabric “tea bags” by hand and mailed out.

Upon arrival the gardener drops the odorless tea bag into a bucket of water according to directions. Then this liquid gold fertilizer is mixed with water and applied to garden, lawn, container and indoor plants where this manure-infused liquid works its magic

That “magic” isn’t magic at all, but old-fashioned soil conditioning science. The manure tea bags contain naturally occurring nutrients used by plant as well as microbes that condition the soil, helping plant roots absorb water, oxygen and nutrients more efficiently.

'I’ve sampled the Manure Tea, using it to hydrate my seeds before planting and also to water my rooftop vegetable gardens', says garden expert Fran Sorin, CBS Radio Garden Contributor and author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening. Ms. Sorin continues, 'The benefits were clearly visible from the start. Seeds germinated quickly and the subsequent growth has been lush and healthy. The fruits on my tomato plants are phenomenal. I’m more than happy with how Moo Poo Tea is working for me.'

'More than just vegetables benefit from the Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Teas.' Ms. Haven says, 'The manure teas can be used on a wide range of plants, from annual garden flowers, perennials and shrubs, cacti and succulents to tropical and house plants. Although it’s manure tea, it smells nothing like manure. Go ahead and use Moo Poo Tea indoors and outdoors and your neighbors and guests won’t have a clue what you’re using on your lush and floriferous plants.'

Authentic Haven Brand’s third product is Alfalfa Tea for Roses. Long a “secret weapon” amongst rosarians, alfalfa contains a naturally occurring chemical that increases the number of blooms on rose bushes. The alfalfa brew from Authentic Haven Brand is the easy way to provide rose bushes with all the benefits that alfalfa naturally provides.

Chris Van Cleave, President of the Birmingham American Rose Society, has to say the following about Authentic Haven Brand's cow manure and alfalfa tea, 'I have been growing roses for over 15 years and have never had award winning results until I began using Authentic Haven Brand Soil Conditioners cow and alfalfa teas. Our shrubs are healthier and more disease resistant after more then three years of feeding this product exclusively.’

Visit to read more about Authentic Garden Brand. Feed your soil and your plants will be forever grateful.

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