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Monday September 30, 2013 The light spectrum affects our metabolism, absorption, production of vitamin D, our mood & our circadian rhythm with all life. Linaya Hahn light expert gives us pointers to the benefits of full spectrum lighting in our home
CARY, N.C. - Sept. 29, 2013 - PRLog -- Host Debby Bruck and co-host Dr Deepak Sharma interview a health expert each Monday at 11AM ET USA on NissanCommunications Network. The Health Inn Channel caters to those who seek to take the responsibility for their well being into their own hands. Let's learn how to improve the the indoor and outdoor environment together. Show page:

Linaya Hahn, CEO,  Founder & President of Sunlight Sciences,  Inc., Boulder Colorado and Licensed Nutrition Counselor has helped thousands of women overcome challenging symptoms and live more fulfilled lives. She has been an explorer of the light field for over two decades developing high quality full spectrum bulbs and flicker-free fluorescent lighting to alleviate PMS, headaches, concentration, mood, etc. The scope of improvement in levels of health will surprise you, from reduction in dental caries to hormone production and brain chemistry. She has spoken before the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and appeared on "The Oprah Show." Her articles are widely read in professional journals and magazines.

"For the rest of my life, I will reflect on what light is." ~ Albert Einstein
Linaya will talk about light and how she began to research its importance and impact on all aspects of our lives.  Her company, Sunshine® Sciences, did a recent pilot study that showed a 22-79% increase in the immune system in seven out of nine people in 30 days. This was measured by Absolute Neutrophils, one of our white blood cells.

Project Announcment: The next pilot studies will be on seniors and those with PTSD, since she has received positive feedback from interested communities.

Quality: Temple Grandin, American doctor of animal science and PhD professor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, autistic activist, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior even likes and recommends them. As a testiment to the benefits of full spectrum Sunshine® Sciences Lightbulbs, Dr Grandin had them installed in her flagship school, The Temple Grandin School for Autism.

Indoor Sunshine® Brand: These compact fluorescent lights and linear tubes are different than bulbs available in stores. They are made to exacting specifications with a phosphor formula that generates a full-spectrum rainbow of wavelengths and emits what she calls "the closest match to natural sunlight available, a 'bio-correct' light for people, plants and animals" with a color-rendering index of 95, a measurement based on the natural-sunlight benchmark of 100 CRI.

Light Fundamental For Life
"We're so used to thinking about food, water and air," says Linaya, "but we flip on a light and don't even think about it. You can eat an excellent diet, but if it's not metabolized, it doesn't work in the body. Research has always shown how natural light fuels our metabolism."

Hahn's research into the effects of various combinations of light wavelengths on the body's immune system and mental health dates back to the work of Niels Ryberg Finsen, who won a Nobel Prize in 1903 for experiments in treatment of diseases including lupus with concentrated light radiation. His findings fueled the opening of tuberculosis sanatoriums in sunshine-rich areas — "how the town of Hygiene got its name."

Standard incandescent Bulbs emit mostly yellow on the color spectrum. "Thomas Edison made it to match candles and fireplaces. But we need all the colors for proper biological functioning. Each wavelength triggers different responses in the body. The one that's missing most in artificial light is blue. Blue raises serotonin levels that keep us both more alert and calmer."

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During the show we will learn much more than the Ten Benefits of Ultraviolet A and B. The following points are a synopsis of Dr. Liberman’s research.

1. UV light activates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is a prerequisite for the absorption of calcium and other minerals from the diet. In a controlled study, the group receiving UV absorbed 40 percent more calcium from their diet than their counterparts who received no UV.

2. UV light lowers blood pressure. One study reported that ultraviolet light dramatically lowered blood pressure after one treatment. The effect lasted five to six days.

3. UV light increases the efficiency of the heart. In 18 of 20 people tested, cardiac output increased an average of 39 percent. In other words, their hearts became stronger and pumped more blood.

4. UV light improves electrocardiogram (EKG) readings and blood profiles of individuals with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

5. UV light reduces cholesterol. In one experiment, 97 percent of the patients had almost a 13 percent decrease in serum cholesterol levels two hours after their first exposure. Within this group, 86 percent maintained this level 24 hours later.

6. UV light assists in weight loss. This may be because the UV stimulates the thyroid gland, which increases metabolism and thus burns calories.

7. UV light is an effective treatment for psoriasis. The National Psoriasis Foundation reports that 80 percent of people suffering from this condition improve when exposed to UV.

8. UV light is an effective treatment for many other diseases, including tuberculosis and asthma.

9. UV light increases the level of sex hormones. One medical laboratory found that estrogen has a sharp peak of absorption in a portion of the UV-B range (290 manometers). This finding indicates that estrogen is most efficient when a woman is exposed to UV wavelengths.

10. UV light activates solitrol, an important hormone in the skin that works in conjunction with the pineal hormone melatonin. Solitrol, possibly a form of vitamin D3, influences the immune system as well as many of the body’s regulatory centers.

Reference: Light: Medicine of the Future, by Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD.

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