San Diego Mexican Restaurant Recognizes Mexican Independence Day!

For 73 years this San Diego Mexican restaurant has maintained the feel of Mexico and great Sonora style cooking. On September 16th they pay special tribute to Mexican Independence Day.
San Diego Mexican Restaurant
San Diego Mexican Restaurant
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SAN DIEGO - Sept. 13, 2013 - PRLog -- As holidays go Mexican Independence Day is one that is recognized by this San Diego Mexican restaurant. It’s celebrated throughout Mexico on September 16 to recognize the struggle for independence from Spain. This holiday is actually a bigger celebration that Cinco de Mayo

Known as the Mexican War of Independence, it was led by Mexican born Spaniards who wanted independence from Spain. The war lasted from 1810-1821 and was originally started as a peasant rebellion, but soon became an unlikely alliance between Mexican ex-loyalists and Mexican guerilla insurgents.

In the early 19th century Father Miguel Hildago was one of the leaders who led a group planning a revolt. When the Spanish people heard about it they informed the Spanish government who then ordered Father Hildago’s arrest. Hearing of his eminent arrest, Father Hildago gathered his congregation and rallied them to fight. He gave a speech which is known as “Grito de Delores”, saying “Viva Mexico” and “Viva la Independence.” These words are remembered today and are shouted at celebrations commemorating this day.

Today Mexico celebrates Independence Day with huge fiestas beginning on September 15, the eve of the War. In Mexico City a huge town square is decorated with flags, flowers and red, green and white lights. People sell all sorts of things such as confetti, whistles, horns and all kinds of toys decorated in red, white and green. Of course like all fiestas there is plenty of food.

At eleven pm the crowd grows silent and the President of Mexico walks onto the palace balcony and rings the same liberty bell that Father Hildago rang so many years ago. The President then gives the “Grito de Delores” and shouts “Viva Mexico” and “Viva la Independence” and the crowd responds the same. At the same time the crowd throws confetti, streamers and hoopla while Castillos explode in Red, White and Green.

On the 16th the celebration is much like our July 4th with parades, rodeos, bullfights and great feasts. The statues of Father Hildago are decorated with red, white and green like everything else worth decorating.

El Indio Mexican restaurant has maintained the feel of a true Mexican restaurant for 73 years. That’s one of the reasons it is so popular today. Of course the high quality Sonora style food is the main attraction and keeps people of several generations coming back over and over. Comments are written all the time from people who came with their parents when they were small and now they bring their children to experience great food and a little bit of Mexico.

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