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Irish Tea Towels Have Added The Best Drying Glass Cloths & Tea Towels to Their Website.
RATHFRILAND, U.K. - Sept. 12, 2013 - PRLog -- Easi-Dryer Glass Cloth by Samuel Lamont.

The easi-dryer glass cloth is produced by Samuel Lamont in Ireland.

This linen premium glass cloth is a very popular drying cloth especially in homes, hotels, restaurants, etc, for its quickness in drying items.

Glass cloths are woven in pure linen and will give customers years of service. The easi-dryer linen glass cloths are available to order from Irish Tea Towels in 3 different designs. Each of the glass cloths are white with either blue, green or red borders.

Poli-Dri Tea Towel by Samuel Lamont.

The poli-dri tea towel has built up a reputation of over 40 years and is widely acclaimed for its quality and durability.

This much sought after tea towel is generally considered to be the best drying cloth there is!

The poli-dri range of tea towels are available to purchase in nine different colors.

Size of Poli Dri Tea Towel : 72.5 x 47.5cm (29" x 19").

The Easi-Dryer Linen Glass Cloth and the Poli-Dri Tea Towel are recommended as the best drying towels worldwide and both give the best service too.

Both of these drying towels can be viewed and purchased from the Irish Tea Towels website at http://www.irishteatowels.com

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