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Save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime, not to mention years of anxiety and unhappiness for college bound students!
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - Sept. 10, 2013 - PRLog -- Katherine O'Brien has stepped into a field that allows her to empower lives - especially for young people who are about to make some of the biggest decisions of their lives - what to do after high school.

Katherine has a special insight that helps her creatively discover college bound student’s passions and visions early on. This is so powerful because this time will save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime, not to mention years of anxiety and unhappiness.

Katherine assesses students BEFORE they sign up for college to discover important things like what do they like to, do they like small groups or large group settings, and do they work well independently or in a room with many people.  Are they creative problem solvers or prefer to do the math themselves alone and on and on and on!

Katherine helps people understand their plight – how much time is involved and what to do to minimize the stress of preparing for college.
Katherine is a mother of teens herself so understand the paperwork, online grade checking, endless driving for practices, appointments, and performances. There is SO much to do. Katherine helps streamline this process.

Katherine can help students who have a financial need.
A wonderful young man that Katherine had the privilege to work with is on the slow path to his future.  One of the main reasons is that, although he got a large scholarship in recognition of his being an Eagle Scout, the family fell short financially.  Consequently, it is taking him a very long time to get his education. Katherine can step into situations like this and position the families to give them hope and real funding sources.

Business Owners can increase networth through those college instead of decrease value and savings.
A recent client was a Senior VP for a very large firm. They needed my help with finding the right schools for their daughters.  Although both are attending top tier liberal arts schools, the family didn’t want to pay $120,000/yr for the two girls. Katherine showed them some strategies.  The family is implementing these strategies and will likely increase their net worth.

A Successful 2013!
Katherine's Class of 2013 students received over $100,000 each on average in merit scholarships.  These were completely independent of the families’ financial situations.  An astounding 98% of the scholarship dollars were not where parents would typically look for them.  Savvy parents work with me or one of my colleagues to tap into those funds.

In Katherine O'Brien's book, The Ultimate Guide to Top Quality College Planning, she guides parents who need help with their student’s goals.  The field of college planning did not exist when for her parents to help her get to the right school. There are a variety of professionals offering a wide spectrum of services but nothing for Parents to understand who’s who and what to expect.

Most resources do not provide student preparation and family financial services at the same time.  Most of the financial people don’t work with teens, and won’t even meet with them.  The majority of help will often try and sell products which really hinders their ability to give pure advice while making commissions.  Most of the admissions/student prep people don’t touch the financial side of college planning either.  And most important, even the 100% prepared student academically, can’t go very far without funding.

Choosing colleges is a critical part of college success, both academically and financially.

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