BAI Seniors Choice - Guaranteed Issue Secondary Insurance

The BAI Seniors Choice group retiree medical plan acts like a Plan F. Even though it is a group plan it is available to individuals in 48 states with an online application. Many additional features and advantages throughout this article!
By: Morgan-White Group
JACKSON, Miss. - Sept. 9, 2013 - PRLog -- Benefits Association, Inc. of Jackson, MS ( has launched a new product in conjunction with Morgan-White Group.  This product is called the Seniors Choice Plan and it is a group retiree medical plan that is available to individuals in 48 states across the country through BAI. The best feature of this plan for the public is that there are No Health Questions and the rates are based off the state of Mississippi!

This is secondary insurance to Medicare that acts like a Plan F ( The Seniors Choice Plan is available on a group basis to individuals. If you are an individual that is 65 or older, all you have to do is sign up for the association and you have access to the plan. Agents, this means that you have access to guaranteed issue product for your clients who have had problems dodging high rate increases in the Medicare Supplement market.


1) Online Application

2) Mississippi Rates are available to those living in all states but New York and Florida.  You cannot enroll in this plan if you live in one of those states.

3) Guaranteed Issue - No Health Questions - 100% Takeover of Pre-Existing Conditions

4) Next Month Effeictive Dates - 1st of the Following Month Effective Date

5) No Enrollment Period Time Frames

6) Claims Filed Electronically

Most people are of the understanding that "Secondary Insurance" will have no health questions under the Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE). However, this is not true. Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap Insurance, and other secondary insurance products will still be able to ask health questions because they are private insurance that will not be offered through the Marketplace.

Seniors (65 or older) can greatly benefit from having an option for health insurance that has no health questions. Even seniors who do not have "serious health conditions" sometimes get stuck with the inability to change plans because of a few blood pressure medicines. Now each senior has the ability to explore their options.

If you would like to learn more about this plan please visit the BAI Seniors Choice Members page (

Call 1-800-800-1397 ext. 1129 for more information.

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