Exclusive Interview: NOAH On The Verge Of Fame And Sanity

The adventures of a pop-star in the making! NOAH talks with Inti Rodriquez of 1200Dreams.com about his challenges, struggles and future as the next male voice of pop!
NOAH - No More Angels
NOAH - No More Angels
NEW YORK - Sept. 16, 2013 - PRLog -- NOAH is the epitome of what being an artist means in this digital age. Noah is his own self realized, managed, and promoted artist. Just five minutes in his company you would be hard pressed not to buy what he's selling.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Noah recently to speak about his creative journey and struggles.

1200Dreams: Introduce us to Noah the person and Noah the artist.

NOAH: The ratio is off way these days. I feel as if I am 5% ‘artist’ and 95% robot. The times in which we live demand so much busy-ness from ‘artists’ that it's hard to stop, reflect and create. The non-stop madness of social curation and the “look-at-me” and “look-at-what-I-‘like’” is maddening.

My attempt to be an authentic good robot in order to tweek my social media digits is stealing time from creativity. I need a clone. The reality is that all of this gyrating has not yet translated into paid rent. We are shamefully living in this post Napster holocaust of “please download my music for free,” “give me your email address,” and “hopefully you’ll buy a t-shirt down the road.

My ultimate objective is to integrate ‘the person’ and the ‘artist’ however I need an infrastructure to support this.

1200Dreams: So, tell us what is the story and meaning behind your song 'New York Is Dead' and that alarming title. You must've known that title would stir some controversy, was that part of the plan or did it take you by surprise?

NOAH: Ofcourse, I knew the title was controversial. This was the spark that fueled the fire. To be very honest with you, New York is Dead was to be a literal jab. I have lived in New York City for 20 years and can honestly say it's lost much of the ‘vibe’ that a few of us were fortunate enough to experience. I think people mistake population count and busy-ness for living.

I crafted New York is Dead to be a calling for the city to “Come Alive!” again. I intentionally wrote, “Everybody loves New York," “Come Alive,” and "I wanna be there!” Many people do not listen closely to words.

1200Dreams: Your latest cut ‘No More Angels’ also has a story behind it.

NOAH: No More Angeles hit me when I was walking down the street.I was going to L.A. for an ASCAP meeting. A bit of hope, naivety and a desire to ‘get out and play’ all wrapped themselves into a song about making it in Hollywood. I had no idea that it was to become a prophecy. I will not elaborate much for political reasons but I will say that I got a lesson in music crookery.

Watch the "No More Angels" Music Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRajOmMXVmg

1200Dreams: I'm not sure if I’d say it's kind of a lost art, but it is not as common in EDM as in other genres. Do you think EDM could maybe use more story based songs?

NOAH: EDM is too broad of a term. Electronic Dance Music sums up all dance music. I think what you refer to is the current DJ craze! I was just in L.A. and every billboard I saw was promoting a star DJ. The DJ invasion is a highly successful operation but none of them (with or without their hands on the knobs) would be anything without the marketing giants and mega-event organizers behind them. Who runs the herds? Molly, apparently.

1200Dreams: So what does an EDM artist from New York have to contend with? Does it open doors for you abroad or are people more surprised than anything since New York produces more house music DJs than EDM artists such as yourself?

NOAH: I have been working remotely with producers and remixers all over the world and the only thing needed is a good internet connection. I have been charting on the DJ Times Charts and on the Music Week Charts in the U.K. I use many promoters in the U.S and the U.K. to get my music out to the world. I get feedback and support from all corners of the globe.

1200Dreams: Do you consider yourself an EDM artist or would you rather not pigeonhole yourself with that label?

NOAH: I consider myself a pop singer/songwriter that uses electronics. I have an natural inclination for dance music. House, Soul, Trance, Techno, Pop, etc. It’s all good if the song is good.

1200Dreams: What would you say is your greatest challenge as an indy artist?

NOAH: The greatest challenge is turning this adventure into a lucrative career. I realize it takes time and that patience is a virtue…It’s right around the corner. I can smell it.

1200Dreams: Your style is very eclectic, very artsy, who are some of your influences style wise?

NOAH: We are the sum total of everything we have experienced both consciously and unconsciously. My known influences are so broad. All of the contemporary pop artists going back to the 80s are all firmly rooted in my nervous system. Prince, Madonna, The Eurythmics, Whitney, Boy George, George Michael, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, etc. Those were amazing times for music (and songs). The late 80s and early 90s in the Chicago Freestyle and House music scene were so much fun, i.e. Dee-Lite, C+C Music Factory, Black Box… I moved to London after  college to pursue recording. The U.K. holds its own. Directly after London I came to New York City where I was fortunate enough to experience the hay days of the New York House scene back when Sound Factory Bar was the go-to spot! And then, it all got wild and twisted. A lot of fun, late nights, or should I say early mornings, leaving the Limelight, Tunnel or Webster Hall. Miley Cyrus would have loved the bathrooms. As far as my style goes…I just follow my creative flow. It informs me.

1200Dreams: You are definitely from the new digital era with the way you use the web and social networks and such. What can you tell us about that, what are its positives and negatives? What are some of the tools that you use?

NOAH: One of the negatives about “doing it all” in the digital era is computer lock-down. The researching, emailing, texting, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, Photoshopping, audio programming are taking their toll.

There are so many social networks. Twitter and Facebook are my favorites. These networks have helped me connect with people across the planet. The game of “Likes” and “Followers” however is insane. It’s like a real-life video game. We are all so close and still so far away. Do you follow me?

1200Dreams: You've collaborated with some pretty cool people so far. Who would you like to work with in the future?

NOAH: I love my collaborators.  They keep me sane. I am not star-gazing at anyone. I’m enjoying building my own world right now.

1200Dreams: What is next for Noah?

NOAH: Good times. I've added two promoters to my team and am preparing for a new release in a month. I've brought on big name remixers for the remix package and the single is bound to be a global success. This single is going to ‘keep me movin’ so to speak.

The full interview can be read on 1200Dreams.com here.

The single is avalable on Itunes here.

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