Gym Guide To Building Crazy Arms

How to build maximum arm mass quickly without sacrificing your workout.
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Aug. 28, 2013 - PRLog -- Spend any amount of time with bodybuilders and the odds are you will be told that heavy compound movements are the key to building your arms. Even if you have only read about weight lifting you can see how prevalent that belief is in the training splits mentioned in articles, chat rooms, and discussion forums across the internet- Chest and Triceps or Back and Biceps, which means that your chest and triceps should be targeted one day and your back and biceps should be targeted another day. As a result, even hardcore bodybuilders treat theirarms as an afterthought on chest and back day. To be clear, I am NOT saying that these are bad training splits. I AM saying that nothing is one size fits all. Two people may have the same home gym, the same body type, and follow the same training program without getting the same results. What works for your buddy may not work for you. It is easy to get frustrated when you are putting in the work without results. This article is going to get you out of your rut and give you the tools to build the arms you want.

In order to fix something, you have to know what is broken. Let’s take a step back and look at the idea of training triceps at the end of your chest workout and biceps at the end of your back workout. At first glance, this method seems completelylogical. Triceps and biceps are “secondary movers,” meaning that your triceps are getting a light workout during your chest workout and your biceps are getting a light workout during your back workout, so why not “just finish them off” at the end of a good chest/back workout? You can, a lot of people do, but you may be short changing your results. Face it, no matter how hardcore your workout is or how much muscle you have, your workout is always heading downhill. The simple fact is that we workout harder and push more weight with more intensity earlier, rather than later, in a workout. With this in mind, it should make perfect sense that your triceps and biceps are not getting hit with the same intensity when you “just finish them off” at the end of your workout. You need to give earlier priority during your workout to the areas where you want to see greater results. I am NOT recommending that you cut back on your chest or back day, I am recommending that you add an arm day.

You can easily train both your biceps and triceps on the same day without worrying about excessive fatigue as they are relatively small muscle groups. Additionally, these muscle groups use very little in the way of Oxygen and ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate: a quick anaerobic energy source), sothe workouts are not terribly taxing on your cardiovascular system. Due to the low strain that your biceps and triceps put on your body, you can crank through set after set with very little rest between each. You should be able to hammer your arms in about 20-30 minutes at most, putting on some massive muscle over a short period of time. You can expect to see good growth in your biceps and triceps in about 3-6 weeks as long as you are giving your body the fuel for the job. The key is to fuel up properly post workout with quality carbs and protein, which aid in quick recovery and help you fully reach your growth potential.

Important Tip: Be sure to have a day or two of rest between training your chest or back and your new arm blast. I often break up my upper body days by having a leg day in the middle of the week to allow my upper body to rest before getting hammered again. Breaking up my workouts allows me to give 100% every time which pays off with maximum mass.

You are almost ready to hit your home gym with one of my arm blasting workouts, but let’s take a quick look at the muscles and their functions before jumping in. The bicep is comprised of the long and short head of the biceps brachia and their main function is to FLEX the elbow joint. In other words, they bend your elbow moving your forearm towards your body. The brachialis is involved in the same function, so when you perform curls you are workout the biceps brachia and the brachialis in varying proportions depending on your hand positioning. The triceps is composed of three muscles:  the long, lateral and medial heads of the triceps brachia.  Each of thesemuscles is part of the musculoskeletal system that works to EXTEND your arm at the elbow joint. Any time you perform arm extensions you are working your triceps brachia, different hand positions will put more emphasis on different heads of the triceps for enhanced results.Forgetting all the science and anatomy for a moment…the take home message is: ‘When you hit the Extensions and Curls to the MAX your ARMS WILL GET MAX RESULTS!’

Now that we have covered the anatomy of the lift, let’s get to the nitty-gritty, this is what you have been waiting for anyway. Here are 3 workouts, each designed to get you the mega arms you are looking for.Select the workout that fits your Powertec Fitness home gym equipment, if you don’t have a Powertec home gym, you can visit to view their full line of home gym equipment designed to deliver maximum results. Don’t worry, you won’t outgrow these home gyms, with massive weight capacities and accessories that allow you to expand your home gym without breaking the bank or taking over your entire house, Powertec has the home gym system for you.

Crazy Arms on the PowertecFitness LeverGym

EZ Bar Standing Cable Curl: 4x10-12
Triceps Pushdown V Bar: 4x10-12
Preacher Curl (Accessory): 4x10-12
Underhand Grip Triceps Pushdown: 4x10-12
Rope Cable Biceps Curl: 4x10-12
Triceps Kick Backs from the Low Cable Position: 4x10-12

Crazy Arms on the Powertec FitnessMultisystem

Standing Barbell Style Curls: 4x10-12
Triceps Pushdown: 4x10-12
Preacher Curl (Accessory): 4x10-12
Underhand Grip Triceps Pushdown: 4x10-12
Close Grip Bench Press: 4x10-12
Single Arm Preacher Curl (Accessory): 4x10-12

Crazy Arms with the Powertec FitnessUtility or Olympic Workbench, Dumbbell Rack, and Dumbbells

Alternating Dumbbell Curls with Wrist Rotation: 4x10-12
Seated Overhead Triceps Extension (One dumbbell with two hands): 4x10-12
Concentration Curls: 4x10-12
Single Arm Triceps Kickbacks: 4x10-12
Close Grip Bench Press (Neutral Grip with Dumbbells): 4x10-12
Hammer Curls: 4x10-12

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