VP Marketing on Demand Announces Annual Plan Template

The annual plan is of utmost importance as it sets the tone and direction for the new fiscal year and that will directly impact your go to market strategy. Leverage this one-page Annual Plan Template and streamline the annual planning.
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Annual Plan Process Template
Annual Plan Process Template
BELVEDERE, Calif. - Aug. 27, 2013 - PRLog -- VP Marketing On Demand, the premiere marketing resource to create or update integrated and effective go-to-market plans, announced it’s latest marketing resource for organizations to efficiently and effectively build an annual plan that is relevant and deeply routed to advance the business.  Download the Annual Plan Template Now >>

Most annual plans include a SWOT analysis, objectives, strategies, key assumptions, critical success factors and KPI’s.  Often times the first step should be to revisit the market to understand whether the original financial assumptions can support the organizations growth requirements.  Another often over-looked point is to re-evaluate the perceived value the solution provides to the market place.  Have the use cases changed?  Has the technology become commoditized?  And, most plans call for growth to exceed the prior year but is there a thorough analysis of the fundamental underlying drivers that will support or deny that claim or is it simply a mandate?  Last but not least, the systems, processes and people need to be reviewed to determine fit and value based on business requirements.

Peter Buscemi, CMO and founder of VP Marketing on Demand states that many organizations typically are bi-polar in their execution of an annual plan.  On one end of the spectrum, organizations wait until the last minute and do not spend the appropriate time and energy to understand the market, technology, competition and internal execution (what is working, what is not working, and the why).  Diametrically opposed to this approach are those organizations that turn the annual planning process into a 6 month exercise that require binders of information to be gathered and teams of individuals that are so far removed from the actual business that the conclusions and recommendations are too theoretical or out of context.  At the end of the day, half the battle of building an actionable annual plan is trying to figure out what data to focus on and the other half is to gather, synthesize and internalize the information.  By leveraging the Annual Plan Template to put all the wood behind the arrow and streamline your planning process to focus on the issues that will make or break your business.

 In order to build a pragmatic and actionable annual plan, it may be necessary to conduct an assessment to understand the current state of the organization.  From here, the organization can formulate a desired state and in a logical, quantitative and pragmatic approach develop an incremental plan to move the organization to the desired state. 

About VP Marketing On Demand
VP Marketing on Demand was founded by Peter Buscemi, a CMO with 30 years experience that spans start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.  The sole purpose of VP Marketing On Demand is to provide marketing insights and a huge head start to those developing and executing go to market strategy through managed, repeatable processes.  Over decades, in working with various boards and executive management teams (CEO's, COO's, VP's Sales and Development) patterns developed in terms of what the key marketing challenges were, how to address them and how to communicate about them.  As a direct result of those experiences, all of that knowledge has been packaged into marketing templates that provide a solid foundation for a projects success, while saving time and money. View go-to-market planning templates>>


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