Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box Truth Exposed - What Happened?

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box
Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box
HAMPTON, U.K. - Aug. 10, 2013 - PRLog -- Hi there, Anthony here, and I want to talk to you about a dating system I recently purchased online called Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box.  I purchased this system because I have never been very good at getting with women.  I used to think there was a single perfect tactic and that if I just kept trying new things, one day I would figure it out.  I did my best to be charming and suave, but everything always seemed to fall flat, and women would laugh at me and walk away. 

I ran into Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box while browsing online one day, and it was a pretty random impulse buy, I have to admit.  I don’t buy a lot of eBooks, but for some reason this one really called to me.  I thought it was interesting that the system didn’t try to sell me on one single perfect method to appeal to any woman, but instead had to do with learning to recognize different personality types.  This seemed a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the other systems I had seen for sale, so I went for it and made the purchase.

What are the Vin DiCarlo Personality Types?

According to the eBook, there are 8 basic personality types for women.  Of course, this is a simplification of reality, and you shouldn’t take it too seriously, but it is more like a set of guidelines, a basic model you can follow to try and figure out how a woman thinks and choose roughly the right approach.  As you get to know a girl better, obviously you can start refining, but the idea is that you’ll more likely get started on the right foot if you are at least in the right ballpark. 

So you learn about these eight different personality types and some basic guidelines for how to identify them.  This process is referred to as “type casting” a woman.  The first few times you try it, you will probably find it challenging, but after a while you will get the hang of it.  One thing that helped me was thinking about women I had dated in the past (or failed to date in the past), and trying to group them into the right personality types.  Once I did this I could easily see where I’d gone wrong, treating a type 6 woman like a type 1 woman, for example.  If you have a woman in mind, try the condensed eight personality type profiler here.

After you learn to type cast properly, you learn what motivates each personality type and what each type is likeliest to respond to.  There are different flirting techniques to use with each type.  You learn different ideas and methods which you can use at the beginning of a relationship, as well as flirtations which are good for escalating the relationship further down the line.  This system isn’t just for picking up chicks, either—you also learn how to cement your emotional bond to a woman you have been dating for a while if you find someone you want to keep seeing.

My Results

Well, first off, I can tell you that even before I went out and started hitting the nightclubs again in search of new prospects, I felt like I had somehow achieved an improvement, at least in my mindset and my approach.  Looking back over the years, like I said, I could spot so many mistakes I’d made.  I could see how I should have approached those women in my past and what difference it might have made, and that really boosted my confidence and made me feel like my failures were a thing of the past.

That made a huge difference for me.  I started approaching women with an open mind, feeling like maybe my future could be better than my past.  I also started type casting.  I practiced this for a few weeks before I started making any serious attempts to get any women to go out with me.  I tried the flirtation techniques in the system with the women they seemed like they would fit according to the type casting, and it really did work amazingly well.  I was getting phone numbers left and right, and I discovered after a few more weeks of this that I had cultivated a lot of options.  I really wasn’t cursed in the dating market; I just needed some guidance.


I have dated a couple of women since I purchased Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box.  The first was someone who I was able to build a good rapport with, but well, I guess she wasn’t my type.  It just felt a bit forced to me.  The second woman I guess was more my type.  One thing I did discover as the months went by however was that she didn’t exactly fit the “type” I had cast her into.  It was perfect for establishing that initial chemistry, but I found myself relying on the guidelines less and less the longer were together, and allowing the natural chemistry of the relationship to take over instead.  I’m still in that relationship, and it’s been fantastic.  I think that this may finally be the woman I have been searching for.

So in conclusion, I would say that if you are at a loss for how to approach women and attract them (like I was), you can benefit hugely from Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box.  This system is great if you have a hard time “reading” women and understanding what they are looking for and what attracts them.  It provides some helpful advice for longer-term relationships, but it really is most ideal for meeting women.  Women don’t really fit into eight distinct types, so as the relationship progresses, the individuality of the situation becomes the driving force, and the relationship no longer fits into a “type” so neatly.  But to get into the relationship in the first place, you need to begin with the right approach, and that’s where the types come in handy. 

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