New Online Education School Offers Students Free Or Low Cost E-Learning Courses – Online Education Helps Kids Who Are Not Going To College And Helps Students Who Are Undecided About A Future Career Path
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Online Free Learning by Laptop
Online Free Learning by Laptop
Aug. 7, 2013 - PRLog -- is a free or low cost online academy. The school offers part-time classes in Film, Art, and Real Estate. All students are accepted. There are no admission, acceptance, or rejection processes. There are no school registration or tuition fees. EducateZap is not a college or university. It is online education that gives students an opportunity to practice the early stages of a career path.

Kevin Douglas Wright is the founder of He has worked for some of America’s best known corporations.

“I am the school’s education online teacher. For over 20 years, I have trained and taught in many different industries,” explained the founder, Kevin Douglas Wright.

Why did you open Is there really a need for your online school?

Wright began, “Over the years, I have worked with so many parents, students, and young adults. I have always noticed that if college or military were not options, most students and young adults were always directed to simply find any job available.”

“I always thought there should be more interesting educational goals for students with low grades. I always wanted to create an educational option for people that were not college or military bound. I always felt that it was too easy for a person to find non-productive things to do if influential people did not suggest more interesting roads to success.”

Will it be easy for you to reach out and find the students who could benefit from your online free learning?

“My school is very new…it's young, just a baby. It will take large amounts of time and effort. I refuse to give up. I will never, ever give up. It may not be easy, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I understand that must exist for that one potential student,” Wright said.

“If only one student attends only one of my part-time courses and no other students ever attend my school, I would consider my school an unbelievable success. If my online academy helps just one person, the school has served its purpose!”

You seem to be so focused and determined to bring your version of online education into existence. Is there anything else in your life that makes you so certain your academy is needed?

Wright thought for a moment and then added, “Yes. There was a major event in my life that influenced my decision and caused my burning desire to start this school. It was the death of one of my young cousins.”

Wright’s young cousin was shot to death many years ago.

“I used to baby-sit my little cousin when he was between the ages of 8 - 11 years old,” Wright remembered.

“As my cousin got older, he and his mother moved hundreds of miles away. It became very hard for any other adult relatives to constantly influence him once he moved away and then lost interest in doing great in school. “

Is that what happens to most of our young people without positive role models outside of the sports and entertainment world?

“In my opinion, without the goal of attending college or striving to reach for educational success in my cousin’s head, he found non-productive things to do. A young person needs to hear about educational goals from multiple adults…not just family…everywhere young people turn they should hear something about continuing their education,” said Wright.

“Within the next few years after high school, my cousin was murdered…discovered dead in the middle of a street...shot to death multiple times. It has now been many, many years since his un-timely death.  As of August 2013, the crime against my cousin has not been solved.”

Were there any early indications that your young cousin was heading in the wrong direction?

“I think back to the days when I used to baby-sit my little cousin. At that time, I would have never, ever guessed that he would make so many decisions to stray away from learning and education. Back then, my cousin was an average student and he could have easily been pointed in a more productive direction,” Wright detailed.

How is it possible that young people are able to lose their educational direction so quickly?

“Over the years, I have seen so many situations where a parent (or a school) begins to realize that their growing child is not going to college. For some reason, some young students get that accidental message that they are not going to college,” explained Wright.

"I recently took my twelve year old nephew on a student-guided tour of a college in Maryland. After seeing the university and asking the campus guide lots of questions, my nephew said, 'Wow! Uncle Kevin, I love this school. I want to go to this school!'. The goal is in his head years before its time to go to college."

Wright continued, “Why would adults look at young people and not direct them to college? My guess is…if a child has bad grades all through their high school years, most adults would not direct that student to college.”

Is it that a handful of adults have given up on some children without suggesting more interesting options?

Wright added, “If a child comes from a low-income household, some adults may not direct this student to local, community college because they believe the student cannot afford to attend college.”

“If a student from a low-income household has excellent grades, usually a guidance counselor takes note and makes sure this student is directed to college.”

Is your school an answer to the epidemic of people getting left behind?

“I made an unbreakable promise to provide an interesting educational option. I wanted to make 100% sure that if an adult cannot say to a young person, ‘You are going to college!’, I wanted to make sure an adult could at least in good confidence say, ‘You are going to!’,” Wright envisioned.

Does your online institute only help kids with bad grades and kids who cannot afford to attend college?

“No. My style of online education is like a chameleon. It changes automatically depending upon each individual student. A student can be a military veteran, an unemployed worker, an international student from another country, or a senior citizen. No one is ever turned away,” said Wright.

“If a student can afford to attend college, should still be considered as an option before going to college, while attending college, or after graduating from college. Why? Because attending my institute allows students to practice the early stages of a career path.”

There are many students that know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Are you focusing on the students that are not sure what they want to be in the future and older, career changers?

Wright answered, “Yes. Why should a student spend thousands of dollars and four years of their lives studying a particular field they may not be 100% passionate about?”

“I always stress, ‘Know before you go.’ I strongly believe some students need to be able to try out the beginning stages of a career path. The earlier a student can do this…the better off they will be in the long run. Some students need experiences to discover their passion in the world of work.”

“My school is only for beginners. It contains entry-level material and subject matter. For example, if a student already has experience in film and TV, then my online film school is not for them. My part-time courses can only help a student if they have zero knowledge of the subject matter,” detailed Wright.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about

“Yes. My online school is growing slowly. With that in mind, I ask that all students and web site visitors be very patient. It takes time to add new part-time courses. New subjects and classes will be added. The best thing to do is return to from time to time. Or, simply subscribe to my monthly magazine or online education blog. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter,” Wright ended.

All part-time courses at EducateZap are delivered online. All questions and interactions are done online using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Students can access the school, courses, and tour the online campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. To learn more about – Online Education, visit


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