Photographers use GoPro Drone To Take Inexpensive Aerial Footage

Expert and amateur photographers alike are using GoPro Drones to take aerial footage that would otherwise cost them a whole lot more.
By: Aerial Photography Drones
July 21, 2013 - PRLog -- Nowadays high quality photography is a skill that can be mastered by anyone willing to put in sufficient time and effort. The technology used in the cameras and tools used by professionals and amateurs alike is advancing at a pace never seen before.

Taking high quality aerial shots has however always been limited to the individuals and agencies with sufficient resources to rent a helicopter. Therefore the useage of remote controlled drones has been on the rise significantly as a way to get aerial footage at a fraction of the cost.

GoPro is a manufacturer of compact cameras that have been used a lot in unconventional circumstances, such as being attached to various types of vehicles. It therefore comes as no surprise that many GoPro drone manufacturers have come out with their own version of unmanned aerial vehicles for the popular line of cameras.

Many of these manufacturers are taking advantage of major retail outlets to make their GoPro drones available to interested consumners.Places such as Amazon provide many of the more popular kinds (

The main advantage that these devices confer to photographers is that they can result in substantial financial savings for a result similar to the more traditional aerial photography methods.

"Helicopters cost a lot to rent" says Arthur Penndletonn, a professional photographer. "With drones, we can get as many aerial shots as we want for much less than the price of a heli rental".

But it isn't all perfect either. According to Mr Penndletonn, "Using a drone means compromising a bit on footage capture control and therefore, final image quality. It can take more tries to get the shot that we're really looking for because we have no hands on access to the camera".

Given the ease of access to high quality cameras and accessories, there is no doubt that the use of UAV drones will only rise.

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