Rain Barrels that Do More than Collect Rainwater?

New rain barrel gardens have more functions, offer higher value and give homeowners 6 more reasons to buy them.
Rustic Rain Barrel Garden Adds Character, Style and Value
Rustic Rain Barrel Garden Adds Character, Style and Value
July 14, 2013 - PRLog -- Today, homeowners can collect rainwater in a variety of stylish containers - plus these rain barrels offer more function than just collecting rainwater.

Many sophisticated rain collection systems are disguised as ceramic planters, wine barrels or custom-built flower boxes. They are constructed of lightweight durable material that can store water inside, while decorative plants or flowers can be grown from the top section - and more.

Here are 6 ways that decorative rain barrels add value and function to a home:

Enhance an Outdoor Space

Instead of installing a generic water collector, which can be an eyesore in one’s backyard, a homeowner can enhance the outdoor space by adding a few stylish rain barrels. Whether the area contains an outdoor living room, a walkway or is a front entry, distinctive rain barrels can add style and character to an otherwise barren or dull space.

Disguise Downspouts

Some taller models can conceal a gutter downspout and store a significant amount of water at the same time. Some of these vertical rain gardens are artistically-enhanced and grow plants as well.

Increase the Home’s Value

In addition to improving the look of a patio or front entry, larger and more sophisticated versions can add value to the home. Increasing the functionality of a home, enhancing its curb appeal and adding style and sophistication all help to build visual appeal and value.

They Can Grow Food

Planters located on top of rain barrels can be used as a decorative feature, but also can be used for growing herbs, strawberries or small vegetables. Although some planters are small, they can still be used in multiple ways.

They Can Provide a Bird Bath

Alternatively, the planter basin can be filled with water for a bird bath. Wider-mouthed models work better for this, especially in locations that are easily viewable and can be enjoyed.

They Can Keep Bugs Away

Homeowners who want to deter mosquitoes or aphids can use rain barrels to do some of the work them. Mosquito dunks are typically used inside the rain collector to stop mosquito larvae from hatching, but people can go a step further by planting marigolds or citronella-scented mosquito plants in the upper planter.

While providing providing multiple functions and adding value, decorative rain barrels are surprisingly affordable. VerticalRainGarden.com has a list of top rain barrel gardens under $200 here: http://www.verticalraingarden.com/top-rain-barrel-gardens-under-200/

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