Karaoke World Championships USA Announces Further Efforts to Fight Piracy

Karaoke World Championships USA announced today the creation of links on their website to aid karaoke hosts (KJs) and venues in the process of getting legal with their karaoke systems. Click on Get Legal at our home page.
2012 KWC Finland
2012 KWC Finland
MASON, Ohio - July 5, 2013 - PRLog -- Karaoke World Championships USA announced today the creation of links on their website to aid karaoke hosts (KJs) and venues in the process of getting legal with their karaoke systems.  Basic information is at our website, Click on Get Legal (http://www.kwcusa.net/gettinglegal.html) at top of page.

The recent Karaoke Summit on piracy mentioned Texas in particular and KWCUSA’s interest in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, KWCUSA wanted to get something set up right away so that venues and KJs had immediate access to the process. Venue owners and KJs have until August 31st to take advantage of this process to avoid the possibility of legal action. So KWCUSA is encouraging KJs, and Venue Owners in Texas and across the country to contact KWCUSA to help you through the process.

KWCUSA in addition to their Getting Legal page containing basic information about legal and illegal karaoke has provided two pages to start the process. One page provides the opportunity to get legal with Sound Choice and the other provides the means to get legal with Karaoke Cloud, the current owner of Chartbuster Licenses.

Since KWCUSA’s announcement last week, many KJs and venues have contacted us to find out what it takes to get legal and asked KWCUSA to provide them with clear steps and costs to complete the process. KWCUSA is moving quickly to provide as much information as possible while assuring that the information is correct.

KWCUSA will also focus on several states to help the industry clean up the piracy issue.  The link to start the process for Sound Choice is http://www.kwcusa.net/getgem.html. For Karaoke Cloud the link is http://www.kwcusa.net/kcformsender.php

KWCUSA is the national karaoke competition for the USA as part of the Karaoke World Championships. The KWCUSA competition has been operated in the USA since 2007 and has sent one male and one female to the world competition each year Singers compete at the local level and then advance through state, regional, and finally the national competition at Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne, California. One male and one female rise to the top and are sent by KWCUSA to Finland with paid Hotel and Airfare along with $1,000.00 cash. But the real reward is the Karaoke World Championship experience. This competition is a world class event and friends share the event around the world for years to come.


KWCUSA is sponsored by CEENEE (http://www.ceenee.com/)

KWCUSA 2012 champion appears on Today Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ17AqR7QKE .

KWCUSA was the basis for 2011 ABC's Karaoke Battle USA.

KWCUSA sponsors annual cruise http://www.kwcusa.net/cruise.html

KWCUSA lifetime membership. http://www.kwcusa.net/membership.html

KWCUSA mission is to organize, facilitate, and manage a viable, impartial competition for the entire United States.
KWCUSA goal is to include as many possible singers from all states and territories of the U.S.A. and provide this opportunity to all amateur performers to represent our country at the Karaoke World Championships.
KWCUSA objective is to identify, prepare, promote true U.S.A. karaoke champions utilizing all of our organizations resources efficiently and effectively observing all guidelines established by the Karaoke World Championship Organization and to provide the due diligence required to facilitate our mission in its entirety.
KWCUSA is the only organization in the United States affiliated with the Karaoke World Championship organization. KWCUSA champions exclusively represent the United States in the only international karaoke competition.
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