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Audiences get a glimpse into the “Who?, What?, Where?, and Why?”, but are often unenlightened to what lies beneath. Until now.
By: Davin's Den
SCRANTON, Pa. - July 1, 2013 - PRLog -- Davin’s Den, an internet radio show, explores the universe of online scams, with a great deal of focus on romance scams. For the last year Davin’s Den has been investigating a United States citizen and model that has allegedly been providing photographs to a group of people in Africa, known as the African Romance Scammers. People across the world are being scammed so harshly because of the distribution of these photographs, that suicides have been reported.

Davin’s Den discovered a 20/20 interview with the US citizen and her possible involvement with the African Romance Scammers. One year later Davin’s Den challenged ABC to revisit the story due to the questionable and eyebrow raising content in this interview. The 20/20 interview suddenly vanished and was pulled from the internet…never to be seen again.

Davin’s Den asked ABC to revisit this scam and then the interview was pulled for viewers to watch online.

Davin’s Den main focus is to bring awareness to the critical economic and personal damages the African Romance Scammers are causing. Why would a US Citizen assist a foreign group of people who potentially aid organizations relating to terrorism and organized crime? Davin’s Den dives into the core of the situation, and, often has more information than the media releases.

Justice needs to be served. There is something very wrong when the risk of terrorism, death, and financial ruin are the result of people assisting these scammers. While the United States Government claims there is little that can be done because the criminal activity is taking place in Africa. What about the US citizen LIVING in the United States assisting this dangerous group of bamboozlers?

If the United States government continually ignores the issue, the only option is to spread awareness. Davin’s Den doesn’t sugarcoat. When millions of dollars are being drained every year from western countries, with funds going to Africa and the scammers, one cannot sit back and not bring light to the truth. Davin’s Den is bringing monumental light to this dangerous, fraudulent crime and if fighting to spread awareness so that Lady Justice brings down a swift consequence.

No other radio program is this brave. Davin’s Den wants you to know about the lack of justice being served to a citizen of the United States assisting such devious groups. By listening to Davin’s Den you WILL get the latest details and findings of this crime. You can help spread awareness just by tuning in!

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