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Premise: Life, by definition is a series of inconveniences From stubbing a toe, to getting cut off in line, to being bullied, to however you may die. Every day, in every way, something gets in your way. It is a rough, rough, rough, rough, world.
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APOPKA, Fla. - June 14, 2013 - PRLog -- The Blog of Inconvenience

Premise: Life, by definition is a series of inconveniences. From stubbing a toe, to getting cut off in line, to being bullied, to however you may die. Every day, in every way, something gets in your way. Something bothers you – large or small. Something “slows you down” instead of making life easier, friendlier and kinder. It is a rough, rough, rough, rough, world.

Background: In the most server sense, there is the court system. Lawyers, Judges and Police; all are maintaining the law of the land. But this represents the most costly aspect of inconvenience. If you were to account for all the things that can go wrong, legal recourse would not even come to .001 percent of the grievances.

The Concept of Retribution: From an early age, we are given a “slap on the hand”, a verbal warning, a spanking, a detention, or a tongue lashing. There are many forms of being told off. None of these are costly or detrimental. In fact, these are modifiers of behaviour. In some cases, making you a better person, or a stronger person, or worse, a bully: It depends on how your react and if you “get away with it”, it depends on learned behaviour.

FAST FORWARD to “1984” and “Dick Tracy Watches”: We all know that we are being monitored. Technology just makes it easier. At a young age, it is the watchful eye of the parent. There is the teacher. There is the boss. On the road, it is the police officer. But what happens as technology gets better? There are cameras placed at red lights, in shopping malls, in stores, in banks. All monitor for criminal activity. This is meant for the “worst case” or “blatant” breaking of the law. Now add in cell phones which monitor your location (GPS). They monitor the time and duration of your calls. And of course, it is possible to record all calls. Lets add in another factor that will improve the theory: Due to Moore’s Law which states that “technology will double every 18 months”, and looking at data storage, the cost of storing and maintaining huge data banks has decreased since 1964, If not now, then soon, it will be possible to record everything, with or without your knowledge or consent, to your existence. Where you work, play, what you do, what you say, what you buy or sell. To the extent that all human activity will be available and searchable… that is the premise of the concept of inconvenience – all based on the ease of regulation and monitoring.

IF YOU HAVE FOLLOWED THIS SO FAR then you realize this is NOT SCIENCE FICTION. This will be a reality in your life time.

The next logical step in evolution is to give feedback. Isn’t that what the court system is currently doing? If you have done wrong, been caught, and pulled up before a judge and found guilty, you will be charged and some form of punishment will be administered. This is not the cheapest way to go! There are too many costs involved, too much time and too many people involved in a system that by its very nature is bogged down and does not generate anything worthwhile to society.  Let’s go back to how we treat four year olds. We can talk to them. We can put them in a corner for a time out. We can force them to eat their vegetables. Why would we stop at FOUR? If we incorporate the basis of a driving system called “demerit points”, we can do the same thing to individuals. And we can do it on a grander scale. We can do it for ALL forms of wrongs. And we can do it in ways that can modify behaviour for the good of society.


Name a grievance. State the players (no names). State the actions that attributed to the situation. State the possible ramifications. And finally, state the punishment or retribution.

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