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Reuters was correct when it reported back in Jan, 2013 unemployment would reach 200 MILLION worldwide by the end of this year. This is catastrophic unless governments, businesses, people and families of the world act now. So what are our options?
By: Infogurushop
May 30, 2013 - PRLog -- Just the thought of 200 Million people without personal or household income concerns me deeply. I am left thinking what about the future of our children, families, the elderly, how will we trade, sell, buy, take vacations or even survive? So this is the first of this project, blogging to ENSURE we act towards 'immediate' solutions and I promise not to stop [feedback welcome] until we as a smart world reverse this madness.

How did this even ever happen?

The world we all live-in boasts educated, political, journalistic, professors, doctors, attorneys, scientists, economists and business entrepreneurs who trade in oil, gold, silver and so much more. So how are we all facing 200 MILLION people unemployed? What has happened to innovation, job-creation and networking? I have just signed-out out of Linkedin who boasts over 200 MILLION professional people with profiles that shine. So what is the blockage? Surely, we need more now than browsing and being drenched in illegal wars, Reality TV or weight-loss celebrities.

As for the politicians and bank-robbers of the world, how do you get RBS, Lloyds, JPMorgan and a host of others heading for BANK BUST http://ivn.us/in-declaration/2013/05/28/the-big-bank-bust/ plus EU countries even the USA borrowing over 16 TRILLION USD like no one knows the meaning of liquidity, cash-flow, accounting or profit? This is not only unacceptable but insane. This time around let it be known 200 MILLION people unemployed is a global security alert! And no, Mr & Mrs treasury departments of the world the people cannot bail you out. This will take immediate NATO, OECD, UN and even the Illuminati to withdraw their spending and funding of wars and invest in prosperity of jobs, employment, trade and peace of the future and now.

This is no rant. This is a fog horn of let's act now to turn the tide of destruction. If people have no jobs, income, hope or opportunities what do you honestly think will be GDP or taxable? How will governments survive? So what we now need are positive and intelligent solutions. I remember a Professor once saying: "It is senseless to speak, delete or override anything unless you can add a solution."

The Global Solution

I am now going to travel the world of solutions.

1) All of the above mentioned professions and institutions cease from playing Wall St greed and offshore stashing and printing useless paperwork of bonds, PPI or treasuries for cash that robs the consumer worldwide.

2) Cease all war.

3) Governments, Wall St and all lotteries fund start-ups that demonstrate 'job-creation' immediately so they can boost the economy and employment asap.

4) Google and all the giants cut the online 'treadmills' and offshore banking ways, and begin promoting to the Top of online search websites and companies that are creative and ready to employ people of the world.  

5} Over-haul the Recruitment Industry. Companies SAVE on Agency Fees and go direct to online profiles of people who are skilled, match or you just like and give them the cash and opportunity. Even Tweet for free @Tweets_Jobs

6) Job-centers, do you remember the days when a job-center was all about helping people get jobs which means directly making it attractive to employers to hire an Apprentice or person. Even £3,000,00 for six months is so unattractive when the Employer has to take time to train, pay salary, taxes, NI and even insurance. Politicians think they are so smart no one can see they are broke or saving cash for their political celebration parties, retirements or bonuses. Where is the taxes and NI contributions over the last 50 years?

7. Online Giants, technology offered for Mind Control FREE has won the battle against the offline world, but there is one major global problem: 200 MILLION people are being replaced by software, search and ecommerce. We cannot all be skilled SEO, PPC, Social Media Consultants, who have also largely had to work for FREE until now. Let's be honest. The Billions from the Internet are among the few created by the whole online world. So time for the Gates and the Schmidt to reinvest directly in not just a few, but national start-up incubator systems which if you do not know how to monetize get in touch but let's use the Internet to create jobs which I know can happen only if- the 'treadmill' harness is put to rest. If you are asking what is that? Selfish, I am in control and no one gets pass us strategies. Insider secrets for the pros online talk. Be liberal not a protectionist. Allow others to earn and eat online also.

8. Affiliates online, cut the garbage and produce real jobs and opportunities only! Offer a basic salary instead of pure cash for hope. Use the win-win networking sales approach. There are enough websites and people to make this happen.

9. Incubator systems and real Rainmakers fast-track the process of innovation with offline to online 'convergence' so ideas get more than a costly pitch and get launched with adequate skills and funding. Governments, Wall St, Banks and lotteries can do more to fund these initiatives.

10. Education systems, move with technology and begin teaching children and youth early about technology, web, Internet, Social Media, SEO, PPC and how to brand themselves online. If you need help make contact or do a Google search for great websites that are willing to help even for free.

11. Churches, Mosques and all religious establishments invest in your congregations. Become an innovative enterprise that instead of one person with a private jet you sell the jet and buy a store and create jobs and get the people as your customers. Buy or renovate auction houses and create construction jobs. Anything but hoard millions, which if you think about your 'charity' status the cash belongs to the congregation. So why should they suffer from hunger, fear or unemployment?

12. Investors and Venture Capitalists we all know you need to make money, but don't go straight for the jugular vein. Win-win also. Look at Levi Roots and Dragons Den he gave away I think 40% [ouch] I thought to myself, but it worked out successful.

In closing, 200 MILLION UNEMPLOYED is seriously going to affect us all working or not. One person who has the skills and is willing to help and share his expertise across several companies is http://chriswindley.com/ if you can make a difference and create jobs. I will Tweet you for FREE @tweets_jobs and also ensure you get exposure at Infogurushop.

We are serious are you? All comments welcome but please...make it a solution.
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