Locum Tenens Psychiatrist Recruitment too Expensive? E-Psychiatry can help!

Recruiting a psychiatrist full-time, part-time or locum tenens can be costly and extremely difficult. e-Psychiatry gives mental health clinics, hospitals and other behavioral health facilities access to a network of psychiatrists through telepsychiatry saving them thousands of dollars in total costs associated with psychiatrist recruitment. e-Psychiatry utilizes HIPAA compliant videoconferencing software and hardware for behavioral health facilities giving them quick access to a psychiatrist.
TUPELO, Miss. - May 10, 2013 - PRLog -- Mental health facilities and hospitals across the US look to fill the gaps in their mental health programs by recruiting a full-time, part-time or locum tenens psychiatrist. Due to the shortage of psychiatrists and high turn over rate this has become a very costly but necessary expense in order to keep mental health programs running. Psychiatrist recruitment fees and initial expenses it takes to employ a psychiatrist full-time or part-time only to have them resign shortly after makes it not worth the amount of money paid in. This is why locum tenens psychiatrists have become a popular solution but this can cost facilities even more in the long run, plus the patient’s quality of care can suffer due to the even higher turn over rates. So what do mental health facilities do when they are faced with the daunting task of hiring a new psychiatrist?

Telepsychiatry is a new method of delivering mental health care to patients all around the US where the shortage of psychiatrists has affected the most. There is no expensive equipment to buy and typically only take a standard PC in order for patients to be seen using this method. They receive the exact same quality of care that can be delivered with an on-site psychiatrist. Many insurance providers are allowing reimbursement through the use of telepsychiatry because they understand the difficulty patients are having in order to receive mental health treatment and they know that it’s the most cost effective solution.  e-Psychiatry has become a leader in the industry by helping various mental health clinics, hospitals, institutions, employers and insurance providers utilize telepsychiatry programs. e-Psychiatry combines the power of technology with quality mental health care that gives patients the care they need. They work with a network of psychiatrists across the country and give mental health providers access to these psychiatrists through the use of videoconferencing equipment and software. Many psychiatrists prefer this method of delivery in mental health care and they can live anywhere as long as they are licensed in the state the facility is located. This makes e-Psychiatry’s turn over rate low due to the freedom it gives psychiatrists to work else where while still retaining their licensing and practicing telepsychiatry. To learn more about e-Psychiatry’s telepsychiatry staffing solutions go to e-Psychiatry.com NOW!

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