"555 Days Of Prayer To Save America" Seeks A Nation On Its Knees Following National Day Of Prayer

"One Church // One Voice" and "Save America Gathering" Seek to Re-emphasize Prayer in the United States of America as a Means of Restoration of the Land and the Common Values Associated with Godly Enterprise and Godly Culture
MARTINEZ, Calif. - May 2, 2013 - PRLog -- As the prayers of National Day of Prayer participants are lifted unto the Lord and fill the nation, "One Church // One Voice" and "Save America Gathering" http://www.saveamericagathering.com are seeking to perpetuate the current prayerful attitude within the United States, and turn the country into a nation on its knees.

"'555 Days of Prayer to Save America' is seeking to reach out to today's prayer warriors, and their brothers and sisters, everywhere," said Robert Berry, Servant Leader for the 555-day-long prayer initiative. Berry, who, last October, led the "Save America Gathering" on the National Mall, in Washington, DC, explained his vision of a prayerful USA: "We can fall to our knees, and lift this nation right up. The power is there! Collectively, we can pray this country back onto the right path. And if you are happy the way things are, fall to your knees and give thanks, in prayer, for that!"

The "National Day of Prayer" theme of prayer for the nation matches the global 555-day prayer initiative, "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," presently underway, and continuing until September 11, 2014. The 555 days started with five days of crying out for God's attention and fifty days of giving thanks to God. The event is continuing with five one-hundred-day-long prayer themes, each designed to ascend on its predecessor and prepare the way for its successor. May 2, 2013 is the 59th day of the prayer event.

"After all these prayer events are concluded, we pray we will see a continuation of America at prayer. We truly seek a nation on its knees. It is, after all, for the kingdom of God, for the good of this great nation, and, especially, for America's restoration," said Berry.


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