Launch of New Internet-Based Company Demonstrates a New Environment for Small Business

Experienced marketer turns to creators of the Millionaire Operating System for guidance in the launch of his own internet-based company.
By: david fremel
April 13, 2013 - PRLog -- Everywhere we turn there is news that although an economic recovery is happening, it’s happening slowly. It’s a fact that unemployment rates are still high and many people struggle from paycheck to paycheck, but thanks to creativity in the world of business, people are now finding innovative alternatives to not only meet their income needs, but exceed those levels.

David Fremel, an experienced marketer, has taken a stagnant economy and used it as a way to create his own unique opportunity for generating income. Fremel, after being discouraged by a tumultuous economy, was looking for a way to create an income, while also remaining honest and conducting business with integrity, which was a principle that had always steered his life. Fremel started a business specifically for home-based professionals.

Fremel turned to Jashin Howell, Jeff Learner and Beau Read of the Millionaire Operating Systems to take his online business efforts to the next level. Fremel himself experienced the earning potential of the Millionaire Operating System and feels it’s a highly effective home-based business strategy.

“I knew I needed something to give me the business boost I was looking for, in my unique niche,” said Fremel. “I have always been guided by the principle that integrity is telling myself the truth, and honesty is telling other people the truth, and from what I saw of the Millionaire Operating System, this was the way these people conducted business also, so it seemed like a natural fit.”

Fremel took his expertise in the marketing field, and his guidance from Howell, Learner and Read, and transformed it into an innovative way for individuals to become home-based entrepreneurs. Fremel offers people the opportunity to take part in the only program on the internet that guarantees first year profits.

“I understand the fear and apprehension many people feel about a home-based business,” said Fremel. “It’s difficult to transition into something so unknown, but once you make that leap, you’re able to achieve so much more than you ever thought possible.”

Internet entrepreneurship is growing exponentially, as a vital and valuable way to earn income and create a small business from the comfort of one’s own home. As the economic climate of the country and the world has changed, more people are opting for unique ways to earn money.

About Millionaire Operating Systems

Millionaire Operating Systems was started by experienced marketer, David Fremel. The business allows people the opportunity to escape unemployment and difficult recession conditions and generate income by working at home. It’s guided by the principles of integrity and honesty, and is based on the highly successful Millionaire Operating Systems. More information can be found by visiting

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