RNKnowles, The Safety Sage, to Present Two Important Papers at 9th Global Process Safety Congress

Dr. Knowles, The Safety Sage, will present two papers at the 9th Global Congress on Process Safety in San Antonio, TX on April 29th and 30th, 2013. He introduces a new paradigm that can be quickly and effectively used to transform the safety culture of an organization to a level of excellence where injury rates fall to about zero. The same approach can also be used to more effectively communicate with the public. When we see organizations as if they are living systems, everything changes.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers invited Dr. Richard N. Knowles, The Safety Sage, to present two important papers at the 9th Global Congress on Process Safety.
By: Rchard N Knowles & Associates, Inc.
SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. - April 1, 2013 - PRLog -- Dr. Knowles, who is known as The Safety Sage for his 50+ years of dedication to Safety in the Workplace, was asked to present two important papers at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 9th Global Congress on Process Safety on April 29th and 30th in San Antonio, TX.  The first paper is titled How to Create a Safety Culture and the second paper is titled Some Lessons Learned When Communicating With Neighboring Communities.

Dr. Knowles' paper, How to Create a Safety Culture, is focused on the need to bring both the process safety technology and the expertise and commitment of the people together to achieve sustainable safety excellence.

In his second paper titled, Some Lessons Learned When Communicating With Neighboring Communities, Dr. Knowles focused on the importance of process safety within the plant to help building confidence in the neighboring community that the facility is being run safely and well. This is important so that the freedom to operate is maintained.

Dr. Knowles brings a new paradigm into play by working as if the organization is a living system rather than a machine. When the paradigm changes, everything changes. The effectiveness of all that is done improves. In Knowles 14 years of hands-on managerial experience, his 17 years of consulting in many countries and his deep understanding of complexity science, he has developed this new paradigm. The approach he uses and the models he’s developed are far more effective than the traditional approaches to safety culture change and communications.

“Dick Knowles has worked with me to transform the safety performance and overall business results in two businesses that I have led; the outcomes have been spectacular,” says Managing Director, Paul Avey of Weir Multiflo.

In his living systems approach safety performance improves, more information is shared and trust is built, people begin to look for other things beyond safety that can be improved and the positive culture spreads. In one plant where he did this sort of work, the injury rates dropped by over 95% and earnings rose by about 300%. As the safety performance within the plant improves, the neighbors are more confident and the plant’s freedom to operate is improved.

His Safety Leadership Process™ is based in his living systems approach. It is unique, proven, robust and works quickly to transform the culture and reduce injuries in the workplace. This 4-step process begins with helping the top management get clear and coherent in their thinking about just what they want to have happen regarding their safety performance. Then a Safety Strategic Plan is co-created with the people in the organization so that everyone has an input. The people are then encouraged to have deeper conversations together about possible improvements, their safety performance progress and accomplishments. As the information is shared and trust is built, the injury rates drop quite quickly.

Dr. Knowles approaches the shift to a culture of safety excellence using his living systems approach based in the theory of complexity science. He created many complexity tools, including The Process Enneagram©, the Map That Never Fails. His approach is unique, proven and robust working quickly and effectively. Dr. Knowles is described by those who know his work as the “Deming of Leadership”.

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