Major Breakthrough in Energy Healing

The art and science of Pranic Healing deveolped by Master Choa Kok Sui.
March 20, 2013 - PRLog -- Pranic Healing: A Major Breakthrough in Energy Healing

Pranic healing is the ancient science and art of healing developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

(Article adapted from original by Dr Hazel Wardah)

Pranic healing involves the transference of Life Force or Prana to the physical body in order to accelerate healing. The techniques used are scanning, to diagnose and locate the source of the problem, cleansing, to clean out any dirty or diseased energy and energizing, to replenish the body with healthy prana and thereby accelerate healing.

Master Choa Kok Sui has revealed that there are 11 energy centers or chakras located on strategic parts of the etheric body, which also correspond to major acupuncture points. These chakras control specific organs, glands, body functions, mind and emotions and are similar to power stations, supplying Prana to these aspects of the human system.

It is believed that, usually, the causes of imbalance or dis-ease manifest first in the energy body and can be located in a malfunctioning chakra. Therefore, if there is a problem with an organ or gland, it is necessary to treat the corresponding chakra in order to address the causes of the condition.

Generally, physical or emotional trauma, stress, dirty and diseased energies cause the energy body to develop congestion or depletion. This can be assessed using scanning skills. For example, when a person experiences stress over a prolonged period of time, the Solar Plexus chakra, situated beneath the breast bone, gets congested with dirty energies and the proper flow of energy is impeded. Consequently, aches, discomfort and bloating are experienced in the abdomen.

Routine medical examinations usually do not reveal any pathology. If stress persists, the congested energy in the Solar plexus transfers through a major energy channel to the heart chakra, situated just above the Solar plexus chakra. Consequently, the patient may experience chest pain, palpitations and breathlessness. ECG and cardiac investigations usually reveal no positive diagnosis. However, the patient is all to aware that “something is not right”.

When Pranic healing is applied, the symptoms subside rapidly in most cases. Similarly, when a person experiences emotional pain caused by the death of a loved one or a broken relationship, the heart chakra develops holes and cracks caused by the trauma. The person is not able to overcome the depression despite the use of different healing methods as Prana leaks out continuously from the heart chakra. When Pranic healing is applied and the leaks and cracks are repaired, the heart chakra energy is restored to harmony and balance and the outcome is generally positive. Pranic Healing is a wonderful tool that can be used to treat disease as well as prevent it. It has been proved that when the etheric body is treated, the healing process in the physical body is accelerated greatly. It must be noted however, that Pranic Healing is a complementary therapy and does not replace traditional medical treatment. Pranic Healers do not diagnose illness or prescribe medication.


It is apparent that Pranic healing is using a form of subtle energy that is quite potent and capable of altering the molecular structure of liquid as well as dense states of matter. Quantum physicists have proved that sub atomic energy is potent. They maintain that humans are living packets of energy and resonate with the universe. Pranic energy is a form of subtle energy, which, when directed with specific techniques and intention, creates powerful therapeutic effects Medical scans and special cameras are able to record such outcomes.

In a scientific experiment conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, on the effects of subtle energy on water, in July 2003, twelve Pranic healers from Melbourne and one healer from the Philippines directed Pranic energy to a tap water sample in his Tokyo laboratory for a few minutes. They proved that Pranic healing can alter the molecular structure of water even when directed from a distance of thousands of miles. 70% of the human body comprises water and the research of Dr Emoto is valuable as it indicates what could be happening when Pranic healing is applied to the physical-etheric body to create well being.

Nicole Fouché, Pranic Healer and Instructor has been in the Healing Industry for over 15 years and has witnessed miraculous healings using Pranic Healing. She has a very busy practice in Westchase, Tampa. Her treatments are incredibly successful . The conditions treated include Headches, migraines, gastro intestinal disorders, arthritis, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and stress and more. She also does Pranic facials and Body Sculpting.


Nicole Fouche is the Owner at Amethyst-Health and is dedicated to helping you heal on every level- Nicole Fouche is available for appointments for private sessions, workshops and meditations in Tampa. For more information please visit

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