Interact-AS: Removing Communication Barriers for Everyone

An innovative computer application that removes communication barriers for many individuals. Now, people who are deaf can communicate perfectly well with those who are not well-versed in sign language. Also, a handy language translation tool.
Interact-AS screenshot
Interact-AS screenshot
March 5, 2013 - PRLog -- Nowadays, more than ever, communication is of the utmost importance. To keep up with the constant demands of these times, everyone wants to do things in a faster and more efficient way. Communication is the number one key to getting things done, and thankfully, technology has made so many advances to make interaction much easier.

However, communication isn’t always easy. For individuals who interact regularly with friends and loved ones who are either deaf or hard-of-hearing, communication often seems to take extra time, and can even be somewhat intimidating. Keeping up with sign language can be difficult, and most people simply just don’t know it outright. The same goes for individuals that are deaf or hard-of-hearing who often have to resort to pen and paper and other old means to get the message across.

Technology to the rescue! In 1883, the editor of the American Annals of the Deaf wrote, “It is not unreasonable to hope that some instrument will yet be contrived that will transcribe ordinary human utterance.”

After many years of diligent work in trying to find the answers, the “instrument” that was predicted is now available – it is called the Interact-AS™ Communications Suite.

removes multiple communication barriers for many individuals. With this helpful software, individuals who are deaf can communicate perfectly well with those who are not well-versed in sign language. People who are hard-of-hearing can now enjoy their favorite TV shows, radio broadcasts, and even the day-to-day conversations as Interact-AS captions and transcribes what’s being said. Interact-AS can also be used to generate text for emails and create memos for people who have difficulty typing or writing; instantaneously translates to and from foreign languages; and gives a voice back to those who have lost the ability to speak such as bulbar ALS and stroke patients. It is truly an incredible method of revolutionizing communication for everyone – without exception.

The beauty about the Interact-AS software is that it is incredibly simple to use. Download it to your PC or tablet and get instant hassle-free communication whenever it’s needed. Use it in one-on-one interactions, dinners with the family, company events, traveling abroad, and more – Interact-AS works with you wherever you go. Interact-AS has a voice training module that greatly improves voice transcription accuracy.

You can also customize your Interact-AS experience by choosing the product that best suits you: the Professional Edition, which comes with many advanced features (such as synchronized voice recordings, acronym expansion, and more) tailor-fit for organizations and businesses, or the Consumer Edition with all the basic features to make one-to-one communication better.

With its user-friendly interface at very affordable prices, Interact-AS is an absolutely indispensable tool in today’s modern world.
Start interacting now by checking out Interact-AS!


Interact-AS is a trademark of Auditory Sciences. Assistech specializes in assistive technologies for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, low vision, speech impaired, and physically challenged. Visit our website at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.


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