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Over forty percent of all business is finalized over a business meal.
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Founder of Success with Manners Amanda King's Soup Tutorial March 2013
Founder of Success with Manners Amanda King's Soup Tutorial March 2013
March 2, 2013 - PRLog -- SYDNEY, Australia -- Over forty percent of all business is finalized over a business meal.  Among other things, business meals are used to build a rapport with clients, to network and to sign a contract.  How you handle yourself at the dining table gives potential clients and customers a sense of how you might handle their business. A lack of competence at the table suggests a lack of competence in other areas.

Success with Manners™ Business Dining Seminar teaches you how to be confident and poised when entertaining clients and how to overcome anxiety. This complete course covers everything you need to know about business and/or social dining etiquette and entertaining.

Some of the topics covered:
• How to graciously entertain clients
• Seating arrangements
• Host and guest duties
• Ordering
• Business conversation and inappropriate topics
• Toasting
• Restaurant etiquette
• Table manners and dining etiquette for all occasions
• The three styles of eating - French, American and Continental
• Alcohol protocol and wine etiquette
• Handling blunders and mishaps
• Saying thank you

General tuition included an illustrated workbook course materials, refreshments and a certificate of Attendance.

Success with Manners™ is an International Etiquette Training Provider for Australia and New Zealand. We certify successful participants who complete our 10 modules. We specialize in etiquette guidance for children, college students, corporate and social etiquette tutorials. Our programs are customized for individuals and groups who recognize that, the skills and knowledge learnt by etiquette training is invaluable for social and business confidence and success.

To contact Amanda King directly, please call direct on +61 413100801

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Dining Etiquette One-on-one March 2013:

Dining Etiquette & Waving Utensils

It can be natural for a person to talk with their hands, or to feel comfortable holding something in their hands while talking.

How to Signal to the Server That I Am Done
Getting a server's attention in a restaurant is often frustrating if it is crowded and quite busy. If you have tickets to a movie, play or other event or have a tight time schedule, the wait may seem endless. There are ways to signal a server that you are done with your meal and ready for the check without calling her over to your table. A well-trained waitstaff knows what these indications mean.

Dining Etiquette, Skills & Tips for Business
Increasingly, dining plays a part in business transactions, even sometimes in the interview process. This can seem a very daunting prospect. However, the business person or interviewee should not become unduly nervous about dining etiquette. As long as a few simple rules are followed, the meal can pass off without any major transgressions from etiquette.

European & English Dining Table Etiquette
Etiquette instructs people on how to behave. Some people use etiquette to display snobbery, while others use it to lend a sense of style. In its basic form, etiquette represents the accepted code of good manners--one of the niceties of life that mark you as civilized and thoughtful to the needs of others. Basic decorum applies everywhere, but dining customs will vary according to country.

Business Dining Etiquette Tips
As a professional, it is essential to practice proper etiquette when dining with other business partners. Keeping a few manners in mind will help you to make a great impression for your company, and could help you to secure a business deal with a potential partner.

Dining Table Etiquette
Gathering together for a meal is an ancient human tradition. While eating with others, observe simple etiquette to help make the meal pleasant and comfortable. Using the correct manners helps you demonstrate your social abilities and makes you a good dining companion. Bad manners can create an impression of you that's hard to forget.

Restaurant Seating Etiquette
Seating etiquette in a restaurant is just as important as dining etiquette. Restaurants are the settings for meetings with clients, dates and meals with loved ones. The more familiar you are with restaurant seating etiquette, the more likely you are to make a positive impression.

How to Use Silverware at Formal Dinners
In earlier, simpler times, diners simply drank soup from the bowl and ate meat from bread trenchers with the knife-and-finger technique. Times have changed, and formal table settings often include multiple forks, spoons and knives. Learning the layout of a formal table setting takes away the guesswork, as does remembering a simple rule: Work your way from the outside in on either side of the plate.

How to Teach Dining Etiquette to High School Students
Taking your family out for a nice dinner or simply having one at your own home can be a very soothing way to enjoy a meal as well as the company of one another. There may be members of your family, such as your kids, who are unfamiliar with how they should properly act at a dinner table. Perhaps dinnertime at your house is more like feeding time at the zoo. With some time and a little bit of work, you can show just how a true gentleman and lady should act at the dinner table. However if life gets in the way and you are too busy that's where we come in

How to Use the Right Silverware for Dining Etiquette

Many people become overwhelmed when sitting down at a table with multiple forks, spoons and knives. One false step and you've committed an etiquette faux pas. But using the right silverware when dining is actually easier than you would think; when in doubt, begin with the silverware farthest away from the plate and work your way in.

How to Begin Eating For Dining Etiquette
With so many people eating at fast food restaurants, dining etiquette is falling by the wayside. Dining etiquette is important for everyone to know, especially those who want to climb the corporate ladder. Many jobs require attendance at dinner parties, conventions and company dinners where proper dining etiquette is a must.

How to Maintain Good Posture for Dining Etiquette
Good posture when dining helps promote confidence, aids in digestion and helps prevent you being the person everyone gossips about for poor etiquette at the end of the night. Good posture is a part of good etiquette and it's easy to achieve while dining with a few simple tips.

How to Place Silverware After Eating
Whether you are dining out for a business meeting, social function or just an enjoyable evening with family and friends, most people want to use good manners. Relax and enjoy your eating-out experience by learning what to do with your silverware after you've finished eating. Although there are many aspects to proper etiquette when eating, proper placement of your silverware after you've finished eating helps you avoid embarrassment and look confidently relaxed.

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