Does Euro break-up fulfill end time prophecy? Will Germany exit Euro?

Will German exit from the Euro and set the stage for Mediterranean Union? “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7-8
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Feb. 28, 2013 - PRLog -- There is widespread agreement among Bible prophecy scholars that in the last days the Roman Empire will be revived. What divides Bible scholars today is whether the coming world leader, the Antichrist, will come from the European Union and the West or will he come from the East as a Muslim Mahdi or caliphate. Many scholars debate over whether the Harlot of Revelation chapter 17 is the Roman Catholic Papacy in Rome or the Islam religion of the Muslim Middle East. Actually, events are occurring quickly in world affairs which may prove both theological camps to be correct. The fact is the Antichrist will control both southern Europe and the Middle East, and both Roman Catholicism and Islam have roots in the Babylonian religion. The revived Roman empire will not be ten toes on one foot, but will be represented by nations from both the West leg and the East leg of the old Roman empire. Daniel 9:26 states, “The people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.” The Roman legions in 70 A.D. were primarily made up of provincials from the Middle East. The Antichrist will gain support from Islam, Roman Catholicism, and eastern religions.  

In January 1, 2002, the Euro currency was established in Europe. However, this system will fail, because the economies of the participating countries are too different to have one currency. It is absurd to think you can have the same currency in a country like Greece or Portugal as you have in Germany. The divide in wealth, culture, and temperament between northern and southern Europe is too great. Manufacturing is too expensive in southern Europe because of the amount employers have to pay for benefits, taxes, and labor regulations. Germany has more productive manufacturing capacity and a superior work ethic. (Stephen Johnston, “Tea Party Culture War”)

In time, Germany, and other northern European nations will exit the Eurocurrency, but not necessarily the European Union. Once the stronger nations leave, the remaining southern European nations such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece can devalue the Euro to pay off sovereign debt, and make their imports more competitive on the world markets.

In time the Euro will morph into a Mediterranean currency. A partnership between southern European nations and north African nations offers mutual benefits to both sides. European nations have technology and an aging population. North African nations such as Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Turkey have a growing young population with natural gas and oil supplies. The current EU has nations such as Germany, which were never part of the Roman Empire. A coming Mediterranean Union would fulfill prophecy of an end time revived Roman empire.

Babel, or Babylon was built by Nimrod (Genesis 10:8-10). Here the “Babylonian Cult” was invented, a system claiming to possess the highest wisdom, with secrets of astrology and the occult. The Babylonian religion moved to Pergamos in Asia Minor, where it was in the day of the Apostle John. (Revelation 2:12,13). When the Etruscans came to Italy from Lydia (the region of Pergamos), they brought with them the Babylonian religion and its rites. In 378 A.D. the Bishop of Rome became the “Supreme Pontiff” of the Babylonian Priesthood, uniting the occult rites of Babylon with the “Roman Church”. (Clarence Larkin, “Dispensational Truth”.  

In Arabia, the sun god was viewed as a female goddess and the moon as the male god. As has been pointed out by many scholars such as Alfred Guilluame, the moon god was called by various names, one of which was el ilahh or “Allah“. Islam had its origin as the cult of the moon god, which goes back to Babylon. Both Islam and Roman Catholicism share many things in common such as prayer beads, veneration of Mary, and salvation through good works. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today, and Catholicism is the largest religious body among those professing to be Christians.

Many see a coming ecumenical merger of 2.18 billion Catholics, 1.6 billion Muslims, 2.5 billion Buddhists, and 2.3 billion Hindus into a united one world religion working to help establish the Antichrist as a world ruler. The Antichrist will apparently use religion to gain power, but once in power, he will turn against all religion, and demand worship of himself as God. ( Revelation 17). The Antichrist may come as the Mahdi of Islam, the Messiah of Judeo/ Christianity, and a Buddha to Buddhist, however, in actuality, he is opposed to all formal religions, other than Satanism and the occult.

Many Bible scholars such as Charles Dyer, and Phillip Goodman believe the Antichrist will finance his rise to power from a revived Assyrian empire with its capital in Babylon, on the Euphrates river in Iraq, and will eventually gain control of the Mediterranean Union (MU). Babylon will become a world center of finance based upon oil exports and international trade. In order for the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and Babylon to prosper financially, the Islamist extremist will apparently be neutralized. The inability of many Muslim countries to compete with China, India and other emerging countries with the purchase of food and necessities, will cause the influence of Islam to wane. The integration of Southern Europe and North African nations, the introduction of satellite television and internet will cause Islamist countries to moderate from extreme Wahabism.   

Within the next twenty years Saudi Arabia will have less petrol dollars due to increased internal oil consumption, due to population growth, and rising costs due to older oil fields. This will lessens the ability of Saudi charities to finance Wahabi Islamist extremism. Iran’s coming showdown with the West, over its nuclear program, will probably result in a regime change, and a lessening of Shiite terrorism in the Middle East. Since Israel is living in peace, at the time of the Magog invasion of Ezekiel 38, it either gains additional land through military victory described in Psalm 83, or a seven year peace treaty brokered with the Antichrist in Daniel 9, temporarily establishes peace in Israel.

The coming Magog invasion of the Middle East by Russia, Iran, Germany, and several Muslim nations will apparently escalate into World War III, and result in the death of ¼ of the world’s population. (Revelation 6:8). The Middle East invasion by China and a coalition of nations from the far east will apparently result in World War IV and the death of 1/3 of the world’s population. (Revelation 9:15). These wars will apparently eliminate the United States and Russia as world powers, and leave the path open for the Antichrist and the Mediterranean Union to become the dominate world power. Currently the prophetic calendar is waiting for Germany to exit the Euro.

For more information on the break up of the Euro and the fulfillment of prophecy by current events:

Please see, “Tea Party Culture”.
Source:Stephen Johnston, "Tea Party Culture War."
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