Finds Paperwork Most Likely Hiccup

Site surveys common problems for overseas weddings and cites tips for planning ahead
Feb. 22, 2013 - PRLog -- Site surveys common problems for overseas weddings and cites tips for planning ahead

This month’s American Express Spending and Saving Tracker consumer report, found that six million American couples were planning, or expecting, a marriage proposal this Valentine’s Day, 14th February - up from four million in 2012. This figure makes up almost half of the 14 million expected US engagements during 2013.

Although these figures represented US couples, UK destination wedding site confirms visits were up by 11% in the week following Valentine’s Day this year. This increase strongly suggests a large number of Brits also got engaged on 14th Feb, who are now considering a wedding abroad.

To help couples plan ahead, the website surveyed its global wedding service providers, to determine the typical problems couples may experience whilst planning a wedding overseas. Planners were asked what factors presented common worries for their wedding clients, over the past year.

of wedding service providers said incorrect paper work was the main problem for couples marrying abroad. One of’s aims is to ensure that all couples understand exactly what is required regarding paperwork.  Couples should read the site’s legalities pages - which cover Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe, and then confirm the specifics required, with their wedding planner.

Common worries
of wedding service providers cited travel delays, as an issue for couples. Also 9% declared stress, 11% stated illness and 9% named under budgeting, as problems that affected couples.

12% said that bridal shoes and dress could also be a worry for those choosing a beach wedding, mainly due to the fact that on arrival they were not suitable to wear on the sand.

What people forget
of wedding service providers said the most frequently forgotten item for couples was sun cream, and 45.5% cited the speeches as most forgotten, for a wedding abroad.

Positively, 55.8% of wedding service providers said weather rarely affected weddings abroad, and 36.29% said that it did, but only occasionally.

Less than 5% of couples cancelled, according to wedding service providers, and if they did, over 90% were done so, three months ahead.

Co-Founder Steph Bishop states: “These survey stats have been interesting for us – and great insight in to the common worries and issues couples can face when planning a wedding abroad. However, almost all of these factors – such as the paperwork, under budgeting and correct attire, can be addressed ahead of time, with enough careful planning. We fully recommend a visit to the venue ahead of the date – to work out what will and won’t be suitable, before couples carefully plan the details. A visit ahead of time will often help couples discover some fresh ideas, to factor in to the day too.” will be exhibiting at The Scottish Wedding Show on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February, at the SECC in Glasgow.

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