The Detox Shop Emphasise The Importance Of Sleep

Poor sleeping habits are a key component in many illnesses. The Detox Shop issue guidance on safe, natural ways to improve sleep quality
Feb. 18, 2013 - PRLog -- Intuitively, everyone knows the benefits of a rejuvenating night's sleep. The improvement in alertness, mood and energy levels are also combined with better complexion, boosted immunity and balanced hormones. Yet many people still choose to stay up that bit later. Whether it's chatting online, watching telly or having another drink, it's often the case that when sleep is sought, it's not as easy to find as expected. The Detox Shop have issued guidance on this subject, stating that good sleep is a key differenciator between those that succeed in achieving their health goals and those that fail.

"Humans evolved in the wild," spoke Misae Richwoods, director of The Detox Shop. "During this evolution, we had an obvious signal to sleep - nightfall. As the sun goes down, the human body gives out a hormone called Melatonin. Melatonin makes us feel drowsy and when we sleep, it takes us to deep sleep. Deep sleep is essential as it's then that Human Growth Hormone, or hGH, is produced. hGH restores and repairs us while we sleep which is what causes the rejuvenated feeling."

"If Melatonin is not produced in sufficient quantity to put us into deep sleep, then no hGH is produced. We awake tired and the body responds by producing a hormone called Cortisol, the stress hormone, which stimulates our adrenals to get us going. If this happens regularly, it will erase your health programme and is known as a precursor to degenerative illnesses. The problem is that because we live in an electric age, light is everywhere at night. As a result the natural trigger for Melatonin production, the drop of light caused by nightfall, no longer works. Light bulbs, tellies, computer screens and mobile phones all give off strong light which disrupts Melatonin production and science is emerging to show that EMFs from mobile phones and Wifi networks also does the same."

Given the widespread challenges to healthy night time hormone production, The Detox Shop encourages individuals to try and incorporate the following steps into their health programme:

1 - Eat less protein at one's evening meal and more carbohydrate. Carbs help Serotonin production. Serotonin is the happy hormone, which is why we feel good after eating them. It's also a precursor of Melatonin and so having higher levels of it in the evening lays the right foundation

2 - Reduce EMF exposure. Use wired networks where possible and turn off Wifi networks when not in use. Mobile phones and iPads should be switched to airplane mode and turned off completely at night

3 - Use products that can increase Melatonin levels like Asphalia Natural Sleep capsules and Bodytox Lavender Sleep Foot Patches. Used an hour before you would like to sleep, these products help the body head in to deeper sleep and also make you less likely to get up and do things that would jepardise your sleep

4 - Avoid stimulants. Caffeine and Taurine should not be consumed after lunch - be careful, some alcoholic drinks hide these substances in them. Nicotine is never healthy but try to smoke less in the evening than you do in the morning. Chocolate lovers should also be careful. High strength chocolate such as cacao nibs or dark chocolate isn't a good food choice at night because the high Theobromine content can keep you up. Try Carob at night if you really crave the taste.

5 - Reduce light levels. Turn off all unneccessary lighting and use weaker light bulbs together with dimmer switches. Use blackout curtains and move any electrical appliances with lights on out of the bedroom or switch them off at the mains for night. Pamela Anderson is known to not use any electric lighting at her home which causes her to sleep early, in time with circadian rhythm and the seasons. This works wonders for preserving youthful beauty!

6 - Listen to your body. If tired, individuals are encouraged to sleep earlier. There are no awards in life for exhausting one's body prematurely. Quality of life rises with quality of sleep.

The Detox Shop reminds the public that sleep is not simply an unimportant biological function that prevents people from doing more. Sleep is an essential part of daily life when the subconscious reorganizes, the body rebuilds and important processes are run. The fact that humans are not consciously able to observe these moments of their life does not diminish their importance.

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