The Alchemy Books Series; A time Travelling Adventure, continues...

The Alchemy Series by new Author Jason Jowett, continues with Pentacoast the fifth title.
Feb. 15, 2013 - PRLog -- A intrigued driven time travel mystery, science fiction, the Alchemy Series, by Jason Jowett, dares to take the extra mile. The wonderful plot is inspired by the traditions of the scriptures, and developed holistically with the aboriginal dreamtime cosmology. Great and important characters throughout history are revived, during the heroic dreamscaping adventures and the emancipation of humanity set in place from the humble Earth, to the divine inheritance of the Solar System. A delightful satyr, the comedy, romance and tragedy unfold across five Parts, some currently published in paper back, others only as ebooks. Author Jason Jowett has achieved the impossible and backed up his original philosophies with a awe inspiring solution to histories greatest troubles. Presently the ebook series is mostly available through qpgfh Google Books.
The latest is now available through Amazon Direct, as Jason Jowett has attempted to expand his exposure by using the different online self-publishing providers. Whilst the Author remains relatively unknown, he continues to write, and hopes to achieve public success. The latest novel, still in production, named Pentacoast, is another time travel addition to the Alchemy Series. It should be available to the public in the coming months.
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