No One is Born with Confidence

Use your energy to cheer people, including yourself. Use your intelligence to find solutions and not ‘what’s wrong’. Use your experience to stay calm and peaceful. Use your freedom to act on what you believe is right.
no one born confidant
no one born confidant
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Feb. 16, 2013 - PRLog -- Dearest Darling Friends,

I thought I finally have all the puzzle pieces properly put together. With my palms, I pressed and squeezed all the pieces tightly. I was ready to admire my work. A smile was flirting with my lips. I looked at the puzzle with a slight tilt of my head. I frowned. I realised there is a small mismatch. One piece didn’t feel like being in the proper place.

Now, which one piece that ‘seems’ in the right place is to be removed and fitted here? And where does this piece belong? As I exchange and replace the pieces of the puzzle, the puzzle seemed to expand. A few new pieces emerge that I ‘swear to god’ did not exist a few seconds ago. A few moments ago, I was thinking I can wind up and relax. To my chagrin, I realised there is more to do. One thought says, ‘All this effort was worthless. It’s so frustrating. Just give up. QUIT’.

Another voice says, ‘It’s just a little more. You have come such a long way. Come on. Complete the task.’

Either I worry or reveling in the new challenge, I create a strategy and find a way out.
Just when the painter thinks the picture is finally complete, she discovers a space that needs a little touch-up. She has been famished for sometime. Other work is pending. She is behind schedule. She is feeling tired. Her eyes and hands are paining. Her body is there. Her mind is away. Either she gets fed up or reveling in the new challenge, she creates a strategy and finds a way out.

Just when the music director believes he has created an amazing melody, he realises, something sounds incongruent. To all others, it is great work. To him, he knows he can improve. His signature deserves something better. To others this is acceptable, to him it is not. Should he let it be? Should he make it better? Who will know? How will they know? What will happen to his reputation if they know? Either he gets irritated or reveling in the new challenge, he creates a strategy and finds a way out.

New pieces of puzzles got revealed. My potential had increased. The puzzle size had grown. This is Life.

Patch up was not necessary. For the painter, her expectation from herself had outgrown the painting she had created. Her work was as good as her past. Life wanted her to outgrow her past. Rewards waited for her, there. Hence that need for touch up was felt.

This is life.

The music was ‘good’. Truly good. But that NEW spark of genius made the music director KNOW, he can do better.

In each case, something amazing had happened. This only happens when LIFE is involved.

This only happens when you are being made ready for something glorious. My puzzle had expanded. It was meant for me to create things that have never been created by me before. It was meant as a strength boosting I will need for my future.

The expanded puzzle was ‘Life Affirmative’. Isn’t it so incredible?

What was I supposed to do? Simple!!! Replace worry with strategy. Create a way out. You might be thinking, ‘Bah! Easy for you to write. I am struggling. I am having a hard time getting motivated and staying motivated.’ ‘So Naren’ you say, ‘Can you be a little more practical and less philosophical?’

I respond, ‘Great! I agree!!!’ So what is my practical advice? Forget my practical advice!

Lets change the game. I have two simple questions for you. What will you say if you were talking to a friend? What encouraging advice would you give them? I know what you will say to your friends. You will say, ‘Stop worrying. It is so useless’. And then you will add…

Use your energy to cheer people, including yourself.

Use your intelligence to find solutions and not ‘what’s wrong’.

Use your experience to stay calm and peaceful.

Use your freedom to act on what you believe is right.

Use your capacity as a well directed missile which will not stop till you get results. Don’t use your capacity to brag or to gain sympathy.

Use your mistakes as your friend by forgiving yourself.

My darling readers, ‘Listen to the advice you have for your friend.’ I believe, Life wants to lift us. It is waiting for us to co-operate. Everything that happens in our life is ‘Life Affirmative’. This belief harnesses our life forces and helps us to ‘replace worry with strategy’. Don’t get overwhelmed by the beginning. We don’t have all the time in the world. Just begin. Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ timing. And remember…

NO ONE is born with confidence. It is something YOU gain, every time YOU threw yourself, over an obstacle.

Pick the new puzzle pieces, pick up the brush, pick up the strewn notes, throw yourself over the obstacles. Honour life. Honour yourself.

Add to your list. Be remarkable. Be incredible. That is what life is for.

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,

Narendra Goidani

As I Live…I Learn
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