Youtube bans documentary exposing the corruption affecting every American citizen

Alejandro Estrada, author of “Pandora, her Box and her Daddy’s Curse” has produced a short documentary entitled “The Abomination of Desolation.” YouTube removed the content and banned it from their website alleging copyright infringement.
Feb. 8, 2013 - PRLog -- Alejandro chose musical selections by the Vitamin String Quartet and coordinated songs from their album “VSQ Performs Lady Gaga” with a silent narration which takes the viewer on an eye opening journey that exposes some the most colorful corruption affecting every American citizen.  

The thirty-four minute long documentary begins with an image from the death certificate of the late Micheal Goss who was allegedly murdered on 2/14/2009.  Then the viewer is shown images of Michael Goss’s true signatures which are compared to the signatures found on his Living Will and Estate Trust.    When Alejandro brought this evidence to the Los Angeles Sheriffs, they refused to acknowledge it.   Apparently, the authorities were involved in the conspiracy behind Michael Goss’s murder.

Alejandro then exposes the multimedia executives, attorneys and doctors that have been harassing him with cyber-bullying since the death of Michael Goss.     Each image is narrated with a commentary that is painfully funny, however, Alejandro reminds the viewer that this is no laughing matter.   At ten minutes twenty seconds, Houston celebrity doctor, Michael Brown, makes an appearance.   Alejandro does not reveal his identity; however any resident of Houston, Texas will without a doubt recognize him.  Alejandro takes the billion dollar farce out of the closet when he presents an  image of an individual with the words “Pryck is a Douce” and compares it with an image of music artist Lady Gaga on the cover of Vogue Magazine.  

Seems like the Fame Monster, really is a monster because Alejandro explains how her song was named after him in an effort to exploit and bully him.   Alejandro truly believes this hateful attack from Lady Gaga was intended to drive him to commit suicide.   It is important to point out the fact that Alejandro has consulted law firms both in Manhattan, as well as Los Angeles, and none have been willing to represent his claim.   Alejandro has even taken his case to law firms in London, Paris and Amsterdam.   Clearly, he must be the mysterious Alejandro that Lady Gaga fans worldwide have been asking to meet and the reason why he has been unable to find legal representation, is because his story exposes the damaging truth behind the real Lady Gaga.

But, that is just the beginning because Alejandro then introduces a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission against Paul Bain and associates for mortgage fraud that was settled out of court in 2011.   Words alone would never do justice to the images he exposes and be warned, they are intended for a mature audience.     It is recommended that viewers refrain from drinking or eating during this part of the film and once again, be warned.    You do not want to miss it!

The last part of the film is not as crazy or entertaining; however, it is the most important part of the film because Alejandro shows the truth behind the United States government that every American citizen needs to be made aware of.   On 10/16/2012 Alejandro issued a Press Release that gave the Holy See of the Vatican a grave message that warned Pope Benedict XVI that the lives of innocent children were in mortal danger.    The Vatican was given a deadline, which Alejandro described would be met when “God’s Lamb perish in a flooded quarry” at which point he said “nothing will save us from the beast known as Freemasonry."

On November 7, 2012 that deadline was met when a family of children lost their lives in a rock quarry during a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Guatemala and just as Alejandro warned, on December 14, 2012 twenty innocent children were gunned down at a private Catholic school in Connecticut by a “Manchurian Candidate” using a police-issued firearm.

A number of conspiracy theories have popped up since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary and the American public must be made aware that the only conspiracy was the one planned by the Freemason Fraternal Alliance.    Only they know the true details surrounding those events.   Ultimately, twenty children still lost their lives and their blood will forever drip from the secular cloth of the Catholic Church because the Vatican made the decision to ignore God’s message.

In response to the current events unfolding in Southern California, Alejandro Estrada releases this statement.

“Officer Dorner will always be a national hero in my eyes.   He is a brave and courageous angel that is carrying out God’s divine plan.     I am indebted to Officer Dorner because he is avenging the injustices which the LAPD has condemned me with, as well as every other victim of their corruption watching in silence.   I have exhausted every civil option for recourse, the United Nations has refused my petition for political asylum and this tribulation we are witnessing could have been easily avoided if the United States media had not made the decision to call me “crazy” for demanding justice.    My character has been defamed by music artist Lady Gaga and Clear Channel Communications, as well as every one of their associates and subsidiaries.   I gave the world ample warning, and this violence must be carried out.   I pray that when Officer Dorner completes his mission, the nation will come to its senses and support my fight against corruption.   If not, we all will lose.”
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