Electrical Wholesalers Benefit From £50k Turnover After Segmenting Their Product Base

Gil-Lec speak of their success in creating a product specific website for their customers, allowing the expansion of their warehouse and increase in revenue.
Jan. 31, 2013 - PRLog -- “Why set up another website when we already have one that works fine?” is one of the most common responses to the suggestion that a company should supplement its online presence by introducing specialist, product-specific websites. “Having more websites sounds expensive and resource intensive!” is another concern when considering managing a number of sites instead of just one.

And such reactions are perfectly reasonable, however, when studying matters in more detail there is certainly a valid argument for developing multiple sites as the initial hard work can ultimately pay off in a big way.

Everyone has heard of the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, and believing that ‘one-site-fits-all’ embodies this sentiment to a tee. By analysing your products and categorising them into sensible groupings, you’re well on your way to carving yourself a niche in the market – all you need now is a separate website to promote them on.

“Having multiple sites has certainly worked for us,” said Martin Kamenicky of Gil-Lec, Electrical Wholesalers who have segmented their product base to great effect. “While we still sell everything from our main site, we now have specialist sites supplying extractor fans, circuit protection and lighting, for example.

“This presents an easier shopping experience for clients who are more inclined to purchase the item they were searching for from a specialist site rather than a general wholesaler. Maybe it's because they feel less overwhelmed by the product offering or perhaps it's because they feel more confident in the expertise of the people behind the site.”

“Perhaps the biggest impact of our new product-specific sites was the fact that we could achieve great SEO as our addresses and pages were packed with keywords which elevated our sites – such as www.extractorfanworld.co.uk – up the rankings. Sure, additional site maintenance is required along with greater investment in site design and build, but we are very pleased with the return on investment thus far.”

Once your sites are up-and-running, clever marketing can really help drive custom, thus boosting sales. For example, as you now offer niche products, your promotion can be more focused as you are able to hit individual audiences with specific, relevant materials.

Furthermore, as good quality inbound links are crucial to securing a good search engine ranking it would be good practice to create links between product-specific sites and the parent brand. Sites can be tied together by links in the footer of each page or through marketing correspondence such as on emails, catalogues and other outbound company information.

Product-specific websites offer a win-win situation whereby consumers can enjoy a more in-depth and informative shopping experience, while the companies themselves can expect sales to increase on the back of such a specialist approach.

Gil-Lec Electrical Wholesalers were voted UK Wholesaler of the Year in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. To find out more visit www.gil-lec.co.uk

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