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“It is never what you have earned or what you have won, it is always what you have shared with others that makes you rich. That is what gives true pride. It’s worth lasts a life time. The value of the trophy lasts till the next tournament!”
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Jan. 31, 2013 - PRLog -- Dearest Darling Friends,

If the possessions we have are ours, why don’t we take them to the other world? Franklin

There was a sports tournament going on between four teams. One team won. Three more did not.

A few on the losing side believed the judges were wrong. A few believed the judges did not know the criteria properly. A few joined the chorus since a few were protesting. A few threatened they will resort to unfair means when they get a chance to avenge this unfairness. A few simply added fuel to the fire by instigating those who were emotionally charged.

The winners who were rejoicing felt their bowl of ecstasy was empty. They felt their hard work and preparation that had led to this victory was embellished and tainted.

There was sadness in all, except the instigators. They felt thrill at the rising shrill.

The deputy organizer Mr Junoon did his best to handle this situation. It was beginning to seem as if the efforts and dedication of the past few months was not enough. The control and the joy that was so far associated with this lovely tournament, was slowly losing its sheen.

There were enough sighs and cries. Will this event be a disaster now? People were beginning to discuss on this thought.

The words reached the ears of the cheif organiser, Gyan. Murmurs have their way to reaching the right ears.

He decided to take up the issue with the captains. He knew their egos were highly bruised. He had to play a game of fantastic balance. He also needed to ensure, this episode strengthened the tournament instead of weakening it. He loved challenges like this. He had seen enough of life to know that life and sports is not always fair. Sometimes things go your way and sometimes things go against your way.Yet, the players must always keep focussing on doing what is right and not succumb to temptations to get even.

That evening the captains were invited for a lavish dinner at his house. Since a few of them were still upset, they just nibbled the food. They were thinking, enjoying the food would be like betraying the hurt they were nurturing.

This did not escape the eyes of Gyan. He ignored it all. Having completed dinner they moved to the balcony with their small bowls of dessert.

Gyan looked at each one of them with love in his eyes and said, “Every family has its fights. They have their misunderstandings. As children so many of us have grown up believing our parents love the other sibling more than us. We also remember specific instances to justify our feelings. At the same time, all the parents in this universe maintain, they treat the children with no bias at all.”

He then asked all of them a question - “What is truly a source of pride?”

“Is it the trophies and the wealth we accumulate? What are their long term implications? How long does the joy of winning a trophy or a match last?”

There was silence in the balcony. “The sufi saint Abu Shakik once asked the Sheik of Iran ‘Harun Al Rashid’ how much is the total value of all your possessions. The Sheik was notorious for his pride and arrogance about his vast empire and his unlimited wealth.

The Sheik was purplexed. Abu Shakik asked, “Suppose you are in the desert of Sahara and are terribly thirsty. If you did not get water in a few seconds, you will certainly die of thirst. In this moment, someone offers you a glass of water and asks for half of your kingdom, would you give it?”

“Of course, I will” answered Harun Al Rashid.

Abu Shakik again asked, “Suppose you are mortally sick and all the hakims in the world have given up hopes. Someone comes and offers a small packet of medicinal powder that will cure you, but, asks for half of your kingdom; will you give it to him?”

“Of course, I will” answered Harun Al Rashid.

“Then badshah, if your entire kingdom is worth one glass of water and a small packet of medicine only, what is there to be so proud of?”

The badshah received the advice well, thanked Abu Shakik and became one of the most benevolent of all Sheiks of Iran.

Gyan smiled at all and concluded, “It is never what you have earned or what you have won, it is always what you have shared with others that makes you rich. That is what gives true pride. It’s worth lasts a life time. The value of the trophy lasts till the next tournament!”

He hugged each captain and his deputy Mr Junoon too. Everyone seemed to have taken the hidden message very well. The most affected captain went for the second round of desserts. This made Gyan smile. He knew the players in this tournament were too good by the heart. Sometimes, when emotions rule, things go a little haywire.

When Gyan was returning from the dining room towards the balcony, with his bowl filled with the second round of desserts, he heard crackles of laughter. When he entered the balcony, he could feel the friendly bantering had returned among all of them.

As all of them got ready to leave, the most affected captain Deepak cleared his throat and said to all, “Yesterday in the newspapers, I have read an interview of that gifted footballer from Spain Andrés Iniesta. He says he plays football to be happy! He says he looks forward to the matches to return home happy! He says, he does not play for money or to win, he plays to be happy!”

Everyone looked at Deepak with surprise as he was not into reading at all. Deepak smiled and continued, “As a team captain, I have decided, we will play to be happy. We will play in such a wonderful way, that we should be truly happy with ‘ourselves’. If we win, its great. If we don’t, we still want to play to be happy.”

There was spontaneous applause for Deepak and the three captains echoed, ‘We too, we too.”

Deepak cleared his throat, raised his hands and said, “Having said this, let me also say, I have been reading this book ‘Win Before you Begin (‘. In that book the title of chapter 13 is,  ’Not a quarter asked for, not a quarter given’.”

“We are going to play exactly like that, we are going to play to be happy AND we are going to play to WIN. Watch out !!!”

There was another round of laughter from all as they heard this. When they left after some time, Gyan had tears in his eyes as he realised, all of them had gone as friends AND intense competitors. All of them had left with a determination to be happy with their performance! And this was truly the victory of the tournament. ALL of them had already WON!

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,

Narendra Goidani

As I Live…I Learn
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