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The overall ownership cost of solar based LED lights is on par, if not cheaper when compared to solar based CFL lights.
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LED Lights Manufacturers
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Jan. 29, 2013 - PRLog -- Energy efficiency is grabbing headlines worldwide as government, corporations and individuals look to reduce waste, comply with legislation and live in a more environment friendly manner. The lighting industry has a tremendous opportunity to make real difference through the adoption of LED lighting technology.

LED has had a very good presence in automotive and consumer electronics sectors over the years. But in the past 1-2 years, LED's have seen good penetration and acceptance in home and office application for its features like long life, smaller size, durability, energy efficiency, lesser replacement costs and reliability. LEDs do not emit UV and IR rays and are free of toxic material, and come with lesser disposable issues when compared to traditional fluorescent and CFL lights. This makes LED lights one of the most Eco friendly forms of lighting as of today. What is and LED? A light emitting diode (LED) is semiconductor light source. Light produced by LED is either blue or ultra violet which passes through phosphors to produce white light. The quality of white light depends on the technology adopted, which in many cases requires sophisticated and reliable product design. It is estimated that traditional lighting luminaries convert only 20% of input power to light and the remaining is lost in the form of heat.

LED consumes maximum power for light generation and minimal power is lost heat. With an efficient thermal management mechanism to dissipate heat from the light source will increase the life of lamp and performance.


Good LED chips have significant advantage over sources in reliability as they are not affected from frequent on/off cycle. Good quality and well designed drives play a minor role in the durability of the LED lights as low quality and poorly designed drives are considered as the weakest link of the LED system.


LED's have long burning life of up to 60,000 hrs or more when compared to traditional light sources which have 8000 hrs to 10,000 hrs. The quality of the LED light and good lumen maintenance depends on key factors like LED chip, design of LED package, robustness of driver and the overall design of LED system. With a good design in place, an LED based light system can provide minimum 70% lumen maintenance for 60,000hrs.

According to US Department of energy, in the next 20 years, rapid adoption of Led Lighting in the US alone can:

·         Reduce electricity demand by lighting by 62%.

·         Eliminate 250 million metric tons of carbon emission.

·         Avoid building 133 new power plants.

·         Anticipate financial saving that could exceed $115 billion.

Traditional light sources have luminance loss (light wasted within the fitting which becomes non useable) to the tune 20-25% even after using reflectors to bounce back wasted light. As LED's have directional light viewing angle (dispersion angle) anywhere between 90 degree to 170 degree, majority of the light from the light source is useable light.

Sumedha Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd is in the forefront in providing complete Led lighting solutions (Design, Products Development, Manufacturing, Supply and Installation)
 to Corporate, Architects, Commercial establishments and Government agencies in India. Our forte lies in the comprehensive offering of LED based general illumination lighting products. The products/solutions are sold under the brand name ‘SEECOL’ (Sumedha Economical and Eco-friendly Lighting). We want to position ourselves as providers of Eco-friendly, reliable and economical lighting products to the end customer.

The key factors which differentiate SEECOL from its competitors are:

·         Sumedha is one of very few companies to retrofit solutions (Fitting LED Lights to exiting CFL fittings) to their clients their clients there by bringing down the initial investment and ROI considerably for the client.

·         Sumedha’s highly qualified and experience engineers are always in continuous process of inventing new products which helps in bringing down the ownership cost of customers.

·         Sumedha has one of the best ‘Quality Assurance’ practices in place to make sure that quality products are delivered to the client.

·         The quality of people working in Sumedha, as they are committed in making Sumedha one of the best places to work and this is one key differentiator from its competition.

Sumedha solution have been effectively used by clients in various industries and sectors. The article has some of the installations done by SEECOL. LED based lighting solutions give great design flexibility to architects and interior Designers. More Architects, Interior Designers and Electrical consultants are recommending LED Lights to their clients. Use of LED lights brings down the overall operation cost drastically (ideally in the range of 60-70% compared to traditional lighting). End users and customers need to consider factors like durability, low maintenance cost, very low failure rates, design flexibility and energy efficiency of LED lights rather than just the price factor. End users need to ensure that they are buying a good quality product to enjoy the above benefits a LED light brings on board rather than buying below average LED products just for the cheaper price tag.

Basic Terminologies used in LED Based Lighting Solutions

Delivered Light:
The amount of light a lighting a fixture or lighting installation delivers to a target area or task surface, measured in foot candles (fc) or Lux (Lx).

Flux/Luminous Flux: Luminous flux is the measure of the perceived power of light adjusted to reflect the varying sensitivity of the human eye to different wave lengths of light.

Heat Sink: A part of the thermal system that conducts or dissipates heat away from sensitive components, such as LED's and electronics.

High Power LED: A high power LED, sometimes referred to as a power LED, is one that is driven ideally at a current of 350mA.

Luminance: The intensity of light falling on a surface area. If the area is measured in square feet the unit of luminance is Lux (lx).

Kelvin Temperature: Term and symbol (k) used to indicate comparative color appearance of light source when compared to theoretical blackbody. Yellowish in candescent range lamps are 3000k. Fluorescent light sources range from 3000-7500k and higher.


Price has been a major factor when it comes to acceptance and marketability of LED lights in India. Through the overall ownership costs of soar based LED lights is on par if not cheaper when compared to solar based CFL lights, people fail to understand this and buy products which are cheaper than which comes with good quality. Policy makers need to recognize that the low quality LED products in the market will be a significant barrier to the full realization of energy efficiency policies. People need to be educated about LED lighting, the scenario is changing fast and more people are beginning to understand the importance of a reliable lighting system.

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